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Life in a Spoiler Free World…

Tivo is wonderful because it is so easy to record a show and then watch it later whenever you want. There is a down side to that though – sometimes it is really hard to live in a spoiler free world.

I still have not watched the last two episodes of Sex and The City. I had every intention of watching them on Sunday, but I never got a chance the other night. Yesterday morning, I flipped on the Today show so that I could check the weather – and Matt Lauer was talking about the show! Ack! I very quickly turned it off. I was cautious as I read blogs yesterday so that I would not be tipped off as to what is waiting for me on the Tivo.

You would think I would learn, right? No, not me. I recorded Average Joe last night. I started to watch it, but decided to wait until tonight instead. No problem, I can avoid being tipped off about the show, right? Wrong. What did I do this morning? I turned on Today to check the weather. Matt Lauer pops on to the TV screen, telling me all about a key event that happened in last night’s episode of Average Joe. Gah! I turned it off, but it was too late. I heard his sentence, and now I know part of the ending of the episode before I have even had a chance to watch it.

I’ve learned my lesson now. I can check the weather by looking out the window – I’m tired of Matt Lauer spoiling everything for me. Doesn’t he know he really should give a spoiler warning first?!?

Speaking of Average Joe, I have to admit that I screamed like a schoolgirl last week when I learned that Adam, the “Average Joe” that we all adored from the first series, will be back – and this time HE gets to pick the woman! I’m totally psyched. Adam rocks.

On a side note – please don’t post the spoilers in my comments! Eep! I still haven’t watched either show, so I’m trying to stay as spoiler free as possible. Matt Lauer has already ruined that somewhat for me, don’t tell me the rest! *grin*

By Christine

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10 replies on “Life in a Spoiler Free World…”

I was going to suggest you stop watching the Today show, but I see you reached the same conclusion. 😀

On the flip side, I have no cable so I was reading all the blogs that talked about the SATC ending to get a fix. Now I just have to wait till the last season shows up on DVD.

I loved Adam!!!! I can’t wait till his show comes on!!

As for Average Joe 2 – Larissa redeemed herself …

EDITOR’S NOTE (that would be me, Christine) – I’ve deleted the rest of Hanna’s comment for the moment through squinty eyes. As soon as I hit the spoiler, I stopped reading. However, I had to take it out because I want to keep the comments spoiler free for those of us that haven’t watched it yet! (I’ll put the comment back later when I can read it – after I watch the show tonight!)

Hanna! I haven’t watched it yet! GAH! Don’t tell me what happened in my comments! (I’m closing my eyes as I type this so I don’t accidentally see anything!)

I removed your comment, but already read the first line – stopping when I hit the spoiler. I deleted it though, hoping it wouldn’t spoil anything for anyone else. Eep!

I am a season behind on Sex and the City so I know what you mean. People ask me if I watch it, and I say yes, and then they start to talk to me about it. I quickly learned I had to tell them “yes, but I’m a season behind, so don’t talk about it”. As for the finale, I, like you, stayed away from any blogs that might have mentioned it, changed the channel when the news was covering it and made sure no one spoke to me about it. But, today…I pick up the USA Today outside my hotel room door, and see an article about how SJP is happy with the way it ended, so I thought I’ll just read the first paragraph. BIG MISTAKE. I now know who she ends up with, but at least I don’t know what happens in between, so I have something to look forward to.

wanna know what happens? huh? huh? ok, i’ll tell you…

just kidding, i wouldn’t do that to you — i hate spoilers as well. the spoiler that i hate the most happens when the Olympic games are on. the networks will delay the coverage until the evening when people are home, but the damn radio station i have on in the car on the way home from work will *always* tell me what happened! you’d think i’d learn my lesson by now.

Reading any page on the web, especially weblogs is one big ‘spoiler ahoy!” for me, and anyone else downunder. We’re usually at least one season behind the US and UK, and it’s so hard to avoid reading spoilers. Sometimes the temptation is too much and I read some of them…then wish I hadn’t! 🙂

I had the same thing sort of happen with Survivor this year, with info about who wins the whole show being posted before the contestants were announced. I made sure I didn’t read it, but I’ve heard of how radio stations have been talking about the winner. It’s fun to guess what’s going to happen on shows, but what’s the point in knowing exactly what’s going to happen?

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