Fargo. You Know, FAR-go…

Last week I had to call information to get the phone number for the Newman Center where I was baptized at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota. Now, I realize that Fargo is not a huge tourist attraction or anything like that. But the operator that I got had no clue at all.

Her: “What city please?”
Me: “Hi! Fargo, North Dakota. I need the number for the Newman Center at North Dakota State University.”
Her: “What city?”
Me: “Fargo, North Dakota.”
Her: “What city? (With an increasingly confused tone to her voice.)”
Me: “FAR-go. Fargo. F-a-r-g-o. North Dakota.”

She never had a clue what I was saying. She gave me the number for a Newman Center in some other state. Great, real help there. Fargo. There was even a movie named “Fargo,” so how hard can it be?

By Christine

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What do you mean Fargo isn’t a huge tourist attraction?!? You mean to tell me that people don’t flock to this grand town that I live in? Why not? LMAO

You could have asked me where it was, and I could have looked in the phone book for ya. I do live in Fargo after all. 🙂 If you need any ‘Fargo’ info in the future, don’t forget about me … 😀

I actually still need to find the Newman Center – the number I ended up with (from the Internet) is disconnected. Or the number for the Catholic diocese there – they could probably help me out too. I just need to get my hands on a copy of the Baptism certificate from way back when!

Trust me, there are plenty of ignorant folks in this world. Even though I am shocked by this, I take a certain pleasure in the thought that this lady probably told another operator on her lunch break something like this:

“Some girl called me and got all pissy in my face with her tone of voice ‘coz I never heard of Fargo.”

And then she got this response:

“Yeah, Fargo… it’s in North Dakota.”

And then your operator looked like an ass.

And then, not just looking like an ass, she probably went to her local Blockbuster video store to rent something shitty like Gigli. And in front of her was someone asking the pimple-faced clerk “Has someone rented Fargo? You appear to be out of all the copies.”

And now, somewhere, your operator is going insane.

Christine … I just sent you an email with the info on the Newman Center that was in the phone book. I thought it would be better than posting the info here. I hope it’s what you need.

I was afraid it was my accent. So I tried the loud talking technique. Because you know, if someone can’t understand what you are saying, if you say it louder they just might. Well, it’s a good theory, at least.

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