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Flat Feet…

Even though I haven’t been picking up the knitting needles often lately (definitely not as often as I would like), I always look for knitting shops whenever I visit a new city. My trip to California allowed me to visit 3 great shops, and I’ll be sharing details of each one as I photograph the stash I accidentally found joining me for my trip home.

First up — Commuknitty of San Jose, California. This was actually the second shop I visited on my trip, but I decided to talk about it first because I have actually…

… drum roll …

KNIT A SOCK! With yarn purchased at Commuknitty! GASP! Shocking!!! Ok, ok, maybe not THAT shocking, because I have actually knit socks before. However, this just might be my first finished object of 2008. Although it isn’t really finished yet, because I only have one sock. I have two feet. I need to make the second sock. So I’ll actually cast on for it right after I finish up this post.

Flat Feet Sock Yarn
Right after casting on – started 6/23/08 – finished 6/28/08

The internet search listed a few different shops in the San Jose area, but I picked this one because it had such a great rating on Yelp. Fortunately, it was close to where Erica and I had lunch with the most delicious sandwiches ever, so it was just a quick run to get over there. One of the main reasons I wanted to go there was so I could get one of the Flat Feet sock yarn flats. They take already knit up yarn (flat), dye it, and then you frog it as you knit it into a sock. My yarn shop carries these too, but I wanted to get one from there as a travel sock to work on.

Flat feet sock yarn

Commuknitty is quite a charming store. Not quite as full of yarn as some of the other stores I have been to (I am a bit spoiled by Twisted Yarns after all), they greeted me as soon as I walked in the door, the shop felt comfortable from the second I walked in, and they had yarns I had not seen before in other shops. Check, check, check — all the things needed for a great yarn experience! If you’re ever in San Jose, be sure to stop in and check it out.

I also picked up Cascade sock yarn, and — most importantly — a skein of Noro Silk Garden to use in my Lizard Ridge blanket. I’ve decided that I want some of the squares to come from shops all over, hopefully in colors representing the town that I bought it at. This might not work for long, but it makes me happy to try. I picked up color #87 from San Jose, bright and colorful and hot — clear and sunny to me, just like San Jose was. It was by far the hottest place I visited in California. (Still not as hot as Houston, but hot no less.) I also picked up a lovely Trekking in dark gray. I might call them and have them send me a second one in the same die lot for a scarf I want to make instead of socks.

I’ll add photos of the San Jose stash acquisitions here soon.

Oh, how I miss California already. I’ve only been home for 24 hours, yet I miss the ability to go outside and not instantly melt. I like Houston in many ways — but the heat? Oh, how I hate the heat. I actually ate lunch outside on Sunday and felt a little bit chilled. It was fabulous.

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Makes me think that I need to get back into knitting more and move past scarves and hats. First though, I have many sockmonkeys to sew, so maybe by time the “cold” season hits I’ll be ready to take up my needles again.

Ever since I got carpal tunnel in the infamous “drink a little much while watching a great series on Netflix” knitting debacle of 2008, my THREE huge totes of amazing yarn have sat, lonely and unused, in my cellar.

I am totally jealous of your yarn forays. But, love vicariously reading them while feeling striking green pains of envy shoot through my every limb (except of course, the hand that is numb but every other limb? For sure!)

Once I get feeling back in my right hand, yarn shopping and knitting wit wild abandon on multiple projects will be me again too =)

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