Flex Points?

I just came across this article with tips on Diet at your Desk and it reminded me that I received an e-mail from Weight Watchers the other day announcing a new flex point system, and then I contacted the trainers to start getting into fitness. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any information on the website to allow me to learn more about it. Anyone know? Anyone have any details? I may just have to start going to the meetings in downtown again to find out – I’m really curious! If you know anything about it (or want to share Weight Watchers tips), leave a comment! Better try to visit MassGainSource.

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Hi. I am wondering about how many points you get for taking in one serving of breads and cereal, dairy, fruits and veggies and so on.. could someone please tell me?

I Started WW on Jan. 11th I HAve Lost 20 pounds I find the Points system easy to follow ,what really boosted my weight loss was excersice. But I do Attend ww meetings once a week I enjoy the people and the feedback I get from other members

Where I live there’s not a ww near by….I have started my diet lost two inches in waist.. in two weeks…I want to do the flex points….Can someone send send me a list of the flex points and the food item the points are in…Thanks Carolyn

I just started back with WW – haven’t been on it since I had my last baby – (2001). I went on it to lose 30lbs so that I could have another baby and I ended up losing 47 in 3 months. I was on the 1-2-3 Success. Can anyone tell me how the new programs are different. Would it be better for me to stick with what I did or should I try the Flex? I have over a 100 to lose!

I joined WW over a wk ago and because my car is down haven’t been able to go back. I hope I lost some weight. I don’t know if I’m doing the flex points right. I need to lose the wght. for health challenges. I may be doing this all wrong. And what is this 1-2-3 Success Program. HELP!!!

I weight 148lbs and I’d like to really lose at least 28 lbs. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to lose that without having to starve myself?

Anyone who is asking for their points target should maybe do like the rest of us and pay for membership.
For any of you who own/run a business should know what its like to work for your money. Would you like it if someone came into your resto and stole your recipe or walked into your store and stole something?
Do like the rest of us and pay and they’ll be happy to give you all the information they need.

I’ve been going to meetings and I pay my membership and I’ve went from 176 pounds to 130. You could do the same.

This comment is to Ivy, I read all the posts here today and it sounds like a lot of good information is being passee along that a lot of people need and want. So Ivy, have you ever had to wonder where your next meal was coming from, where you would get your rent payment, had to eat low-cost, HIGH CALORIE FOODS, because you couldn’t afford any other kind, Why don’t you take your warped opinions and buy yourself a banana split and leave these nice, sharing and caring people alone. By the way I do own a restaurant and I do give out my recipes freely. The idea of going out isn’t just for the good food, it is the idea of going out in many cases.

This message is for Ivy, some people are selfish and uncaring and I think that you are one of those people. If others are willing to share what they know about WW with those that can’t afford to go to meetings or just don’t have the time who are you to judge those asking for the info or those giving it. I give a big THANK YOU to those kind people willing to help others acheive their weight
loss goals.

If you cannot afford all of the tools that WW encourages, please go to the website “” there is a LOT of info concerning points…you won’t believe it. For those of us that are not selfish elitists (reduntant), and are willing to share info…go on to that site!! You will be so happy….

I decided to copy and paste a entry that somebody wrote from diet-forum dot com. read the whole thing…..especially the last part of it….

How many points you can eat is only based on your current weight, as you
weight those points allowed will decrease (logic is that your body will need
to operate). At 183 pounds and based on the new US flexpoints system, you
have a set point target of 24. In addition to this you are allowed 35
to be used throughout the week … as well as any activity points you earn
on a
particular day. When your weight drops to 175, your target drops to 22
points …
weight reaches 150, target once again drop to 20 points. 3 servings of
dairy of
recommended per day, 5 servings of fruit and veggies, minimum of 6 glasses

To calculate food and activity points, I love this computer desktop
calculator …

Thank you all for sharing you knowledge, experiences, and support. I have been on dozens of diets through the years, but have not tried weight watchers for about 20 years. The last time I tried it, I failed, as I did with most of the diets. I also had gastric bypass surgery 15 years ago and have regained 40 of my 120 pounds lost. For this reason, I want to try WW, but do not want to take money away from my family for something I have such a horrible track record with. If I experience success in the first month, I might then join for the support system. I did join Curves 3 months ago and am exercising regularly, but am not loosing weight as my eating habits are horrible.
Thanks again for all the helpful information on this site. I plan to start immediatly now that I have the basic information available. Good luck to all who are in this battle with me.

I have most of the information you all have provided. I am interested in ACTIVITY Point values. Does anyone have information on this, or know where I can find it (for free)? I am particularly interested in walking, swimming, jumping rope. Do you have to do these activities for 1 hour before you can subtract the points?

Hi!!! I’ve been doing the ww flex points…okay trying to use flex points…except I still can’t really figure out how much different it is from the old program. I am 200 lbs, I have about 70 lbs that I need to lose. I’ve been going between 25-29 pts going by the points values in the companion and using the calculator. Please help!

I am so glad I came across this because I had questions about the Flex points but now understand it. I would like to lose 15-20 pds. and was wondering about how you count exercise?

I just started weight watchers I also joined a gym and had to choose what I wanted to pay for the gym or WW so I’m doing to flex Point program I have all the info I need for that but I don’t know what you deducted for exercise points. can someone help

I’m sorry I was not very clear in my last message. I’m doing the WW program on my own and need information on the exercise points.

I have read everyone’s comments and am quite inspired by you all. I got married a year ago and have gained 25 lbs. It’s getting a little ridiculous, so I need to do something. Thank you for the information you have provided. Hopefully this will work for me like it has for all of you!

I think it is so wonderful that there are these sites to help those who would like ot lose weight. I have paid lots of money (jenny Craig, nutrisystem, optifast) and now I am here I know it can be done – because I have done it. Thanks everyone for building this wealth of information/resource for everyone to use. I am currently 173 the highest weight I have ever been at I have begun to eat healthier using the WW points I have gotten from here in the past 3 weeks and have come down from 188! I started by just replacing lunch with the Smart ones WW food and a diet snapple and excersize you would be suprised to see over time how much that helps. Just 30 minutes will help trust me try it.. I’ll keep you posted and Im trying to formulate a few key foods low in points to keep me grounded. I’m so excited….

hun at 12 your body hasn’t even begub to flatten out its metabolism. I would suggest that you talk to your pediatrician or family doctor. Remember that the sooner you begin to fad diet the sooner you get on a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. Why don’t you try cutting the extras in your diet such as sodas and snack. Try healthier snacks and exercise along with talking to your doctor…

thank you so much for all the info. my weight is 215 i have lost weight with weight watchers meal, and low fat eating,this seams to be the easy way for me its totoly liveable, i have never used the calculators though, im about to buy one on e-bay. thank you all so much for the information.i will comment again with my succes.

For activity points:

Go to or use any other activity calculator. Figure 1 extra point for every 100 calories burned.

This will still leave you at a 25-50 calorie deficeit because you are burning 100 calories per 50-75 calories eaten with a point.

I earn about 3 AP a day, and eat them all. I lose pretty regularly. I figure that it’s good for my metabolism to eat as much as possible while still losing. No need to be hungry on WW 🙂

can anyone tell me how to calculate your daily goal points per day? i don’t have the money to join right now, but seem to understand the rest of it. I keep finding formulas for food points, but not for how to figure out your daily goal points. thanks

Hi Everyone,
I am about 119 pounds and I am 5″3. I am lookint to lose 5 pounds. Is 18 points enough to eat for someone who works out in moderation 5 days a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. How do you get over your hungrey times during the week. You are all superwoman!
Andrea Marie

For shana….I just did a google search “ww flex points” clicked on “Compare Prices and Read Reviews on WW points system” it goes to woman describes everything including your points for what you weigh. She describes in detail about points and flex points and how to calculate added points for exercise. It was helpful.

I have to say I find it a bit disturbing that so many people on the WW program spend so much time and energy figuring out ways to beat the system. “Flex” points just seem to be a way around sticking to the program. Doesn’t some kind of discipline come into play here? My experience with serious dieting was to do the Dr. Bernstein diet several years ago. Back then I lost 30 pounds in 30 days and kept it off because I absorbed the lessons the diet taught me. Don’t eat so much, so often — that’s the first lesson!

I really enjoyed your site. I’m trying to lose 20 lbs that suddenly came on and won’t come off. This site helped me to figure out my daily point target. I’m hoping it will work for me.

hi i count points still not loseing i eat fruit veg dairy i guess i,m doing something wranrg i been doing this for 6 week i need a flex plan for 20 points plus 35 for i,m just not getting it if i could follow a 14 day plan i would pay any one i was going to la weight loss and can,t afford the pills and food no more i did lose but i can,t depend on pills all my life friom judy

I found WW books (diary, points guide, etc.) on eBay. It includes info on points, etc. Good for my “do it yourself” brain.

I’m sure I am at great risk for being called “selfish” just like the other unfortunate souls who dared bring this up, but I really don’t think it’s OK to “do WW” without joining WW. I’m amazed at how people who probably truly believe they are “honest” will spend so much time and effort trying to get something for nothing. Stealing is stealing. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for your health, it’s still stealing.

Weight Watchers is not a non profit organization. You wouldn’t walk into a university and demand that they give you a free education because you can’t afford it but deserve it anyway based on the fact that you are just trying to better your life. Weight Watchers is a business. If everyone decided to “do WW” without joining, Weight Watchers couldn’t pay its employees, couldn’t afford to host meetings, couldn’t afford to pay its electricity bill … and bye bye Weight Watchers.

And by the way, Susan, you say you give away your restaurant’s recipes because “the idea of going out isn’t just for the good food, it is the idea of going out.” Obviously, then, that wasn’t a very good analogy. How about this one: how would you like it if you found out your waiters were giving free meals away to their friends? Is that stealing? What if their friends “just couldn’t afford” to eat there? Do you owe them a free meal? Then do you as a business owner owe everyone who can’t afford to eat at your restaurant a free meal? How long would you stay in business if that was the case?

This is not a communist society, it is a capitalist society. I’m sorry that you don’t earn enough money to join Weight Watchers but that doesn’t mean Weight Watchers owes you something. Now, let the flames begin.

I say if ww is non profit maybe they should lower their fees so it is more affordable. If those people who work for the company really want to help the over weight people of this world they could take a cut in pay.I go to a Non profit weight loss group and it only costs me 30.00 a year and 3.00 to weigh in each month. We have weekly meetings and programs and follow a healthy diet and support and help each memeber. We receieve no paycheck and do it all out of love and conern for our memebers. It too has been around for many years and 1 main reason it was founded was so all people could afford to join a support group to lose weight and be healthy. This group is TOPS.

Hi, I am 15 years old and currently weigh 240 pounds. I am 5’5″ tall female. Could someone help me out by telling me how many points per day I would be allowed. I would really appreciate it. I am thinking about joining weight watchers in a couple weeks and just wanted to start out slowly to see how hard it will be for me. As you can tell I am an overweight teen who needs a little help. Thank you!!

well I’ll be honest… I just came to this page to look for some free info because I’m just not willing to spend money on something that I know I won’t be able to attend. Not only to I work full time but like many on this site I have children. Call it stealing if you like, it doesn’t bother me any. I would rather steal $30.00 worth of information than to leave my family without dinner for a week. Back to the college analogy… well maybe WW should start a scholarship fund for over weight mothers that are low income!! Until then I guess I will stick with “stealing” no one on this site has really given a calculation to how to figure out your target points anyways, they are just giving a range.

thank you to everyone on this site that has helped people to find information.

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