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Flippity Flop

I noticed on CNN the other day that Flip-flops are gaining office popularity. As cool as it would be to work at an office that allowed flip-flops, I’m thinking it would be really annoying too. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t that “thwap-thwap” sound as people walked down the hall get on your last nerve?

I have to consider things like that when I work in an office where the women outnumber the men.

(How sad is it that I started to write this post on the afternoon of the 22nd and just finally finished it on the 24th? *sigh* Such is how my life goes lately…)

By Christine

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See, I don’t think that the thwap thwap of flip flops would get as annoying as the chock chock of heels on tile, but that’s just me. 🙂 Personally, I like the idea of office slippers … but it hasn’t caught on outside of my cubicle yet. 😉

Flip flops are hell for me. You know that *thing* that just drives you up the wall for no discernable reason and makes you want to rip off heads and scream and you have to look at pictures of cute baby animals until you calm down? Yep, that’s flip flops for me. Both the thwap-thwap when they pick up their feet and the skoosh-skoosh when they don’t. Aiee.

our dress-code specifically states that ‘beach shoes’ are not allowed, but people seem to think that flip-flops bought at ann taylor can’t possibly be considered beach shoes. they annoy me, the noise especially.

Oh, that would get so annoying so fast. And some flip flops squeak when they get wet, so if a person had sweaty feet, you’d have flopping AND squeaking. Now that would get annoying even faster.

I’m with ste about preferring the sound of flip-flops over the sound of people clunking about in heels on hard floors. His idea of office slippers sounds very good too. I’ll have to mention that if I ever work in an office again.

I don’t wear flip-flops because my feet slide around too much, but I wear sandals with a heel strap pretty much all year. I hate shoes!

haha…I just posted about this the other day. I’m all for it, but my sister voiced the same objection as you. Then she added:

I’ve expanded upon my objection.

There are also those people who wear them with bare feet and their heels stick to the shoe – so you get the sucking of the heel coming off the shoe and then the snap of it hitting and sticking again. This results in a four beat cadence almost sounding like a horse.
Suck – clop, suck – clop, suck – clop……

A few of my former co-workers wore those kind of shoes on a near daily basis to work. One of them had a pair that made such a loud and distinct noise that we wouldn’t even have to see her before we started saying good morning to her. 🙂

I almost wore some today myself, just to rebel – but then I decided that I might be pushing “casual Friday” a little too far. So I wore a t-shirt with flip flops on it instead!

We have that same line in our dress code “no beach shoes”. I still wear sandals just about every day.

Not flip-flops though (I can’t stand the thing between my toes, yick!) the kind with the straps around the heel and ankle.

other shoes are just as annoying. one girl at work wears clunky heels everyday which make the same noise. you can always tell when she is walking by without even looking up.
another woman wears shoes that squeak with every step she takes.
there is a way to make flip-flops not make the traditional flip-flop sound. it takes much practice. but please…don’t attempt to do it by simply dragging feet on ground, that is not a good solution.

we have a co-worker here in an academic library, that must have a bladder the size of a jellyfish. Needless to say, she wears flip flops.. so ..after about the 7th trip to the bathroom flippin & a floppin.. I would like to stuff both pairs down her throat.

I LOVE flip flops! I think they are the sexiest thing going. I love that flop sound and all the sounds described. I also like the sound of clunky or stilleto heels on the hard floors. I think they look sexy on females only though.

The human foot is quite possibly the foulest looking appendage on the body. Eclisping that, painted toenails. Add to this abomination the lazy, loud and quite often pungent “Flip Flop” shoe and you have all the makings for a good cleansing vomit. Flip Flops encompass all that is wrong with Americas youth. Sloven laziness combined with a marked lack of respect and dignity. Who wants to have to look at dirty feet that …arghhh make that incessant NOISE. Just my opinion but the damn dirty things ought to be outlawed unless one is in the shower or on the way to the shower or on the way back from the shower.

The things are very annoying! I sit in the front of the office and I have the unpleasant pleasure of hearing those damn flip flops slap against feet. It seems like the sweatier the feet, the worst the noise gets. Women of the office world, please wear powder on your feet so I don’t have to hear that God foresaken noise!!!!!!!! Your feet may look like you’ve been kicking around flour but at least I’ll be satisfied.

They are the best for the office.I love the comfort of my Rainbows.Several people around the office,including my boss,wear them.It just makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.I especially like going out for lunch in them.I show up at Subway looking like I am not even at work while other are all dressed up.The best part about wearing sandals to work is seeing all my girl co-workers cute feet.WOW!

Wearing sandals or flip-flops to work is simply unprofessional and should not be allowed. Any argument to the contrary is a selfish way of thinking.

Sandals and flip-flops are without a doubt leisure ware that should not be in the workplace.

When you see people wear them to work it tells you alot about the person. Selfish me-me-me-me thought processor.

Seems like byrd has some personal issues with feet. I’m not afan of them myself. .but I dont have a phobia about them like he seems to.

As for Brett, Why does the work palce have to be some uptight place? What about you putting on a suit and a tie is less selfish then wearing casual clothing and flip flops?

lucky for me I work in a very casual office. I mean very casual. I wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops 365 days a year 🙂

And it’s an accounting job, not a sales position at Pac Sun 🙂

I ADORE flip flops, they’re comfortable and hassle free. I just love shoes: heels, flats, wedges, name it I have it for all occasions (believe me, sometimes I need painkillers just to be able to wear them, tee-hee-hee). But when its time I want to relax and be casually fab, my flip flops is there to the rescue. =)

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