Fondue-bee-doo-bee-dooooo, Part II…

Heading to Elaine’s in a little bit for our Fondue feast. Mike’s birthday is tomorrow, and so we’re going to kick off the celebrations tonight. Kathy & Tom and EJ & Sherry will be there also to celebrate – not sure who else is joining us.

On the menu for the evening we have:
– Cheddar, Roast Garlic, and Zinfindel Fondue (From Nicole)
– Classic Swiss Fondue (From “Fondue It!” sent to me by Heather)
– Bread: Baguette and Brioche
– Broccoli
– Carrots
– Green Apples
– Beef Fondue with Fancy Sauces (From Anne)
– Dark Chocolate Sauce Fondue (From “Fondue It!”)
– Strawberries
– Marshmallows
– Bananas
– Pineapples
– Double Berry and Riesling Fondue (From Nicole)
– Pound Cake or Angel Food Cake

Tomorrow we will be heading out to Cirque Du Soleil to see Alegria, which I have been looking forward to for weeks! It should be interesting now though … we just found out today that Jason has a broken foot! He hurt it last Friday and we thought it was just sprained because he has been ok with walking on it – turns out it’s a break in the growth plate of his foot and he is in a walking cast for 4 weeks now. I’m sure we’ll still all enjoy the show though!

Off to Fondue! Fondue-bee-doo-bee-doooooo…

By Christine

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Ouch…I hope Jason feels better! I twisted my ankle really bad about a year ago (I was leaving a bar, and I tripped in a pothole. I might have been drunk ;), and it hurt for about a week. Could hardly walk on it for a couple days. Eventually it fixed itself, but I definitely feel his pain!

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