Fonts … are Worse than Crack …

I love fonts. I really do. I want them all. It has been an addiction, seriously, since I was set up on Win95 and I discovered you could install fonts. Ohhhhh… I was in heaven. I sat there with a Corel set of disks and installed them all, so many that my machine choked on all the fonts. So if anyone can help feed my addiction, please, please … I want these fonts BAD: Frank Lloyd Wright – Eaglefeather, Frank Lloyd Wright – Exhibition, and Frank Lloyd Wright – Terracotta. Please? Anyone? I neeeeeeeeed them. Help.

By Christine

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Yeah, I think it was a post by my twin, Meryl, that got me over to the P22 site to begin with! Although I visited before when Robyn & I were looking for the Cezanne font. (The good “thumbs up” Cezanne that they offer, not the other Cezanne that’s out there….)

That reminds me, ever since I had to reformat and install Win2K (thanks a lot, Nimda), I’ve meant to get out CorelDraw 7 and install all those cool fonts. My faves are Zurich and Swiss. Then there are those CDs full of bootleg fonts, but we won’t go into that….

Its great that you love P22 fonts. If you need them, you could always buy them. Publically asking for bootleg copies is obnoxious and insutling to the designers who make a living designing fonts (yes, people design fonts and have families to feed…believe it or not). For those of you who do buy the fonts– Thank you for your support, we do appreciate it! For those of you who just pirate all of your software…Karma…respect begets respect

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. No need to post anon comments, I know your IP. Thank you for the talents you share with us with your font creations. We all appreciate them as you can see.

Re :post from “P22”
P22 fonts are great but it is obvious that P22 goes around suing anybody for posting free download links to their fonts or there would be a lot more online than there are and how did you happen to find this post anyway?. And you claim that people have to live. Well, you are living off of other people’s artistic talent. How is that any better? I know you would disagree, but fonts should be FREE for non-commercial use. 15-23 dollars for a font is a FARCE no metter HOW good they are!

I dont´know how, but I made it, have it, I really don´t remermer were i find it but i did, the problem is that I don have a web page. I found somthing like “similar fonts” eaglefeather and it´s teh same font

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