Know What Today Is?

Today is the day that book #9 in the “Left Behind” series hits the stores. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne. I am so excited! I have been waiting forever for this book to come out. And, to add to my joy, Kymberlie is getting it for me as an early Christmas present! w00t! We are going shopping at lunchtime!

Now I could go into a whole long speech on the Tribulation, the “end times” and how September 11th through today has me more convinced then ever that that is where we are at. But I won’t. Because I just don’t have it in me at this moment, I wouldn’t do my “soap box rant” justice right now. For the moment I will just enjoy the fact that the next Left Behind book comes out today. Yeah!

By Christine

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3 replies on “Know What Today Is?”

I ran across a bunch of those for viewing on my Visor. I always meant to read one (or 9) but never did. Guess since I have them in the Visor, there is no excuse. But in a way, I always thought those books were so successful because people are really searching for spiritual answers. They are probably easier to read for answers than the bible, but then again, a lot can be said for going straight to the source with your questions.

Oh Promo … you must share! I don’t look at them as the “answers” – you are right, the Bible is where you should go for those, although I truly commend the authors for their thorough research – they have written many other books, both fiction and non-fiction. But these books I look at as Fiction only, as their view on what might happen, albeit scripture based. They are GOOD books! 🙂

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