Free PHOTO iPods!

Remember how I got that iPod for FREE a few weeks ago? Well, Gratis is up to it again! They are giving away the *new* photo iPods for FREE! When I heard about the photo iPods, I was very giddy – I’m all about photos! If you are interested in earning one yourself, you can sign up here, complete an offer, and get other people to sign up – and a free photo iPod will be yours! [via Kymberlie, who also received a free iPod.]

One note, because I know of at least one person that didn’t get the free iPod that she earned – you can NOT have someone in your household sign up to help you out. Or to help anyone out. It is limit ONE per household. So don’t get someone that lives with you to sign up to help you out. Your account will be cancelled out.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I love these, and I wont compete with you for the photo ipod, so I’ll leave my photo ipod link out of my comment. But If anyone wants a free desktop pc, or flatscreen, here you go.

Alisa, just follow the link and follow the instructions. That easy!

David, I removed the links from the post because I’m doing all of the same offers at this time – I’ve saved them to put them back once I’ve completed mine. 🙂

does anyone wanna help me get a free ipod?

please oh please?

I find that the Ancestry and AOL promos are easiest, and you can cancel up to 30 days later and never be charged. I cancelled after two weeks. The Ancestry one shows up on your account immediately.

Blockbuster promo is good, as you can cancel as soon as the trial ends. You will be charged nothing for that either. Infone is the best, as you can sign up and be charged nothing ever unless you use the service, and you don’t even have to cancel it.

you can get a free photo iPod just by going to EDITED OUT BY SITE OWNER This offer was broadcast on CNN headline news, CNN.COM, and Wired. Don’t miss it. Just check out EDITED OUT BY SITE OWNER.

Hey everyone… get your own free photo ipod while helping me get mine at the same time by clicking here… EDITED to remove link. THANKS A LOT

Hey all, I dig this site! I too am trying to get a Photo IPod, I only wish they had one in pink! Here’s my link: EDITED to remove link. Thanks ahead of time!

I’m stressing out over the Ipod referrals 🙁 Please help if you aren’t helping others. I’LL GIVE $10 via PayPal to the first 5 people who completes an offer under my link EDITED to remove link.

why join a conga line? go here – no referals needed –
[URL=]Source[/URL] or even [URL=]FreeGifts[/URL]
Even better: they just released 3 new items [2 really, unless cash is an items]:
42” Plasma WEGA™ Flat Panel EDTV
Mac Mini 1.42GHz 80GB
$1200 Cash
[get them now, be4 other people do! show off :)]

Hi, I heard OfferCentric now allows Canadians like me 🙂 to sign up for their free gift sites! That’s awesome! Has anyone had some experiences with OfferCentric Canada? Do they have the same offers like US, or at least as many?

Oh, and btw, somebody before me posted that she’d like a pink iPod! I think that would be a new, HUGE trend not only for girls! Anyways, mine is white, whatever.

My name is Aidan I wish I had a ipod but I cound not find one that is cheap so I wound get one free also on those old boring trips I have noting to do I have no friend around my house but an ipod wound be fun for me so please gave me an ipod for a friend.

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