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Friday, At Last…

Mike and I decided to go out to dinner tonight, even after getting the news that his friend wasn’t going to be in town. So far, it’s only 10pm and yet still it has been a very eventful evening!

:: I stopped Kathy from buying shoes. I was able to remind her about the three pairs she has bought recently, and remind her that she really did not need another pair. However, I have approved spending that same money on a PenCam. PenCams *rock*!

:: Mike and I tried to go to the Crazy Horse Cantina. Yeah, the same place that I am supposed to be hosting a Happy Hour at next Wednesday. Only there as one problem. There is a sign on the door that the place has been SEIZED by the state for failure to pay taxes! Seized! (Photo taken, to be posted later.)

:: We went to Cabo’s, and Kathy joined us. You’ll never believe what she brought for me! Yes, yes, a bottle of Exclamation! Ah, the memories. (Photo taken, to be posted later.)

:: I still think that Georgio was the worst smelling perfume ever. There are many others that come in a close second.

:: While at Cabo’s, the computer system that runs the registers locked up. Note to asshole in the suit: being a dickhead won’t change the fact that the computers are frozen, and the computer has your credit card for your tab locked up in the drawer. They can’t get it out until they get the computer fixed. Now sit down and stop complaining about it. Next time, pay with cash.

:: Chicks: dreadlocks and pierced noses that are pierced in that little piece of skin between your nostrils, with a hoop with the ball on the bottom looks GROSS. Gross, and there is no excuse. I don’t know why you would pierce your nose there, but it looks like crap. Just thought I would share. (I am not brave enough to take her photo to post later.)

:: I have become a total lightweight. I had two puny little margaritas at Cabos, ate dinner, and I’m still feeling a might bit tipsy. Thank goodness Mike is driving me home.

:: Kaveh Kanes is rocking on a Friday night. Free WiFi and good company … what more could a girl ask for?

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Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Will do! I think I may go with Cabos if they are available – it is close enough that I can post signs on the Crazy Horse doors for anyone that doesn’t get the note I will be sending out with the new info!

I can’t drink anymore, either. *Sending sympathy tipsies Christine’s way* I used to love my beer — Molson Light. Never drink anymore because I’m on meds that disagree with such things. I tried to imbibe last month. Three was my limit — over the course of *5 hours* with dinner. Man, that’s sad. I used to drink everyone under the table.

— Jenni (who apparently needed intervention in her early 20s) 😉

PenCam? [scratches head] What’s a PenCam? I can so google it but then what fun would that be? Then you’d never know that I’m not as big a geek as you are, AND you wouldn’t get to boast to me all about it and why you want it, thus revving you up to go purchase it! 🙂

The word you’re looking for that piercing is septum. And if you think a CBR is gross, you should see some of the other jewelry one can get for that piercing.

I don’t think they look gross (rather the opposite, in fact, but I really like piercings), but nose piercings aren’t an option for me due to my sinus issues.

I’m with Natalie on the piercing issue.

I have a teeny little diamond stud in my right nostril. Not very noticeable. But I know it’s there. That and an expensive convertible sports car were the components (and the extent) of my midlife crisis.

I’ll admit I’d never have my septum pierced — or my lip or eyebrow, etc. etc. — but I really do think it looks excellent on some people.

Gross to you, fair enough. But remember it’s all down to personal taste. 🙂

See, a small stud in the side of the nose I can handle. This looked like a giant black booger hanging down from her nose – and add to that the dreadlocks that looked gross and the whole thing was terrible. Maybe if the dreadlocks were gone or something. But I am admittedly squeamish over things like pierced eyebrows, lips, and septums. *shiver*

Perhaps it was the jewelry that was unattractive? Body Circle has some absolutely gorgeous stuff (I have a pair of their CBRs in two of my ear piercings and my goal is eventually replace all my jewelry with stuff from them)–their models tend to show large gauge jewelry, though, and I know that squicks some people, too.

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