Fun for today!

Visiting Anil Dash’s site has been tons of fun! I laughed until my side hurt. Man, what a riot. Thanks Nicole for sharing that!

Erika, I am all about that pact. We have that same situation right here by my office – where a lane ends and everyone seems to think it gives them the right to drive like an idiot. To top it off, the highway dumps two lanes of traffic on to the road right after that, with a major intersection maybe 200 feet up ahead. So people from lane #3 think it is ok to fly over to lane #1 really fast so they can turn right on to FM 1960. Urgh. I had someone do that to me when I went to Subway earlier. I wanted to just hit her since she pulled in about 6 inches in front of me. Then I decided I have only recently fixed the Car Formerly Known as White Trash Honda – I don’t feel like messing it up again over that. But I wanted to!

By the way – you can always use AvantGo to read my blog. A “low graphics” version is coming soon!

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