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Further Proof that Tom Cruise is a Nut…

“I’ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is born — and until I want them to.”

The man is whacked. Total nutcase. I like the bit in the article about how he won’t let her be like Nicole. Nice. Really nice.

By Christine

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OH I don’t know…Russell Crowe has forewarned reporters to stay the hell away from his wife who is now about 3-4 months pregnant (2nd child). I can understand their need to protect their wives and children. Those paparazzi can be really aggressive.

That is true – the media can be aggressive. However, the rest of the article, where he is quoted as *telling* her she can’t work (or something along those lines) is all just … strange.

I still think it is all a publicity stunt and she will never really have a baby. And if she does, I’ll wonder if it was cloned. Or came from a pod. Or something like that.

Yeah there’s protective and then there’s controlling and freaky. This is the latter two. It doesn’t seem to be that of a coincidence to me that after Nicole got divorced that her career exploded. Now she and her ex are on the same level in Hollywood, more or less, it does seem that he wants his girlfriends/wives to be his trophies and you know he doesn’t keep them around too long either.

Mimi Rogers anyone? And I believe the rumors that they have some sort of deal together, maybe he really is gay. I used to like him but now he’s become a freak. And his weird religion weirds me out. I don’t care how famous he is, he’s wacko!

I don’t care what religion someone claims, some think mine is wierd, but that kind of control over another human being is tantamount to abuse. I’m just sayin’. The dude’s scary.

He is just strange. I am wondering if the marriage will ever actually happen. They were already supposed to have been married by now. There is something going on that we don’t know about. But I have never really liked him as an actor anyhow.

Anyone else notice he says “my” instead of “our” here — “I’ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is born — and until I want them to.” Sounds like more of his ultra-crazy possessiveness going on there. I can’t stand him anymore and have imposed a Tom Cruise Ban in my house. I refuse to watch any of his movies from the point of his Katie Holmes nonsense forward. Anything prior to that is still outside of the Ban.

I know, he is all about the weird possessiveness! The “MY” is the first thing that caught my eye. The rest of the article is just as bad. I like “the Ban”! “Tom Cruise is Banned” – should we make a button? 😉

That photo is sad. Tom’s wearing his crazy face and has his hand clamped to the back of Kate’s neck. She looks tired and slightly scared – mussed hair, no make-up, possible cold sore. Her eyes look like she wants to scream, “save me! Get me away from this crazy man”

She definitely doesn’t look as happy as he does! And that top she has on…Walmart, anyone? The hairdo and all just paints a scarey picture.

Alien Pod ! Its true. L.Ron Hubbard and the whole scientology crew are aliens. I have proof, its just that they got to my server in Orange County before I had a chance to have it moved to a more secure location.

I checked out the link to the article and you can see it in her eyes. The honeymoon is over fer sure. She has a worldly look like she has knows whats coming. Cruise has become increasingly hysterical lately. The man is surfing the fringe, he knows this, but ha can’t stop himself.

Oh Boy ! I will be watching the supermarket tabloids waiting for the fall. It ain’t gonna be pretty….

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