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Matchbox Pinhole Camera…

Oh my goodness. This is SO COOL. You can make a pinhole camera that uses 35mm film with a Matchbox! Check out the directions. I know what I’m doing this weekend! (Inbetween taking tests, knitting, watching the Olympics and studying. You know, in all my spare time.) [via ReadyMade Blog.]

Speaking of studying – I have my first Biology lab practical tomorrow. I’m terrified. I have to know Phylums and Genus names for a ton of itty-bitty things. (Bacteria, molds, fungus, algae, etc.) The test will be timed and is something like 150 questions long. I’m freaking out. There is no way. No way! I guess if I go back to reviewing the CD of images instead of reading about pinhole cameras, that might be a good start though. Sigh.

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we seem to have so much in common.

I was a bio major too and your post brought back the memories of lab practicals! Yes, so much memorizing! only a few minutes per station! Phycology was awful, i could never memorize the itty bitties. I preferred invertebrate zoology and comparative anatomy.

I was near the end of my first pregnancy and it was the first time my professor noticed I was pregnant as I hauled myself out of the chair (with a little grunt and the hand on lower back posture) to move to the next station. He became immediatly concerned about having a pregnant woman straining herself getting to all the stations like I was dissabled in some way. that was sweet.

The even cooler pinhole camera I saw was where someone took foil and taped it over the front of their Nikon D70s DSLR and was able to get some cool images with it. Very artsy… people were asking him what photoshop filters he used, what lens filters, etc. Then he showed his lens: a piece of foil with a hole in it.


just wandering, when doing the matchbox camera, how long should you leve the shutter open for..

i did one roll ranging from 1 second to 2 min but they girl at the photodeveloping place couldent make out where to cut the roll, and wouldent develop them either as they could see no light on them.

please write back, bitzy

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