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Mike was shopping for gadget goodies this weekend. Here are two of the mp3 players he was looking at – anyone have any feedback on either player that they want to share? I guess I should note that he is actually looking at buying both (for different purposes) – not trying to decide between the two of them.


By Christine

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9 replies on “Gadget Goodies…”

The zen is worth the extra money. It’s bigger, but holds a lot more music.

Realistically, he may want to look at the new Dell Jukebox, which, according to some reviewers, is an iPod killer, and we all know how undeniably freaking cool the iPod is 🙂

In order to afford both, and simply to justify the costs, the iPod isn’t an option. Sad, but true. I know. However, the reasons are good – so the Nomad Jukebox was a good second (cheaper) option.

A few years ago I bought an (older model) nomad jukebox. The thing blows! Always did. It’s rechargeable batteries last all of 5 seconds. Transfering music was NOT intuitive and would often have issues. I would hope they improved it with their newer version, but having been burned once by them – I can’t say I’d recommend them. JMHO. 🙂

Refurbished iPods (20GB) are $40 more than the NOMAD he’s looking at. There’s really no comparison. I have an original iPod and have loved it since the moment I got it. If cost is an issue, wait a month or two. It’s worth it.

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