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Love the music in some of the latest commercials, but have no idea who sings that song? Maybe one of these sites can help:

:: Music from TV Commercials

:: Adland Commercial Archive (powered by MT!)

By Christine

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Well I found the commercial on that second link – but I just want to know who does the song. They make you sign up for a membership (two bucks a month or something) to see the info… WTF?! 🙁

Oh that is such a cool link! Thanks! Now if I could only remember the car in the commercials. Was it a Lexus? A Toyota? LOL. I know Vroom, Vroom commercials, but I could not tell you the car!

Hehe, I finally figured out who sang that song in the Gap commercials that I like … it was Mya singing the Simon & Garfunkel song, “Feelin’ Groovy” (aka “52nd Street Bridge”). The problem is, I can’t find the song anywhere to listen to it. 😉

thank you! i’ve been looking for those (or something like those) for a long time. seriously, i had this whole rant about “selling out to commercials: still tacky? or is it the New Success?” but i couldn’t remember enough examples to make any sort of point.

totally not intending to spam you or anything (and, i understand if you prefer to delete this — no offense taken) — just thought i’d share:

in the on-going quest to finding music in commercials, i’ve got a section on my forum devoted to this stuff! slightly obsessive or neurotic, don’t know, but there’s a lot of info there. 🙂

Michelle, I don’t consider that spam at all! Heck, I’m editing your comment to turn it in to HTML, and then I’m adding it to the list!

It’s all about sharing the love (and the info) at the House of the BPC!

christine: i just didn’t want to come off as only commenting to put up a link to my site, ya know!?

like you said, it was totally about sharing the love! 😉

hey gals – found you had linked us adgrunts, muchas gracias. Just have to be anal and correct you – it so aint powered by MT at all, but I made a trackback module for it since I like that feature – and people may want to trackback to some of the posts. MT is cool, but wasn’t around when the site started back in 96.

Jennifer – the two bucks charge aint for “the info” which is more often found in the forums – but for watching over tenthousand commercials (and it’s only the commercials that costs). I choose between supporting the site via ads (iik!) or letting the regulars chip in the tip bowl. Sorry if that freaks you out. 😉 personally I think small fee’s are better than selling peoples information to advertisers.

hey was trying to find the name of the song and who it was by on the bmw 3 series ad and google came up with this site. just wonder if you guys had found out what it was??? i would love it if you could please tell me what it was cos i have been searching everywhere for it and it is driving me insane. i also love you site. its bloody wicked!!! thanks

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