And download MailWasher. This program is SOOOO cool! Yes, I downloaded it weeks ago and didn’t bother to actually run it. I sure wish I had before now. Want to know what really rocks? You can bounce e-mail. Yep, send it back as undeliverable. w00t! I get too much spam in some of my e-mail accounts, so this is a much needed treat! I love it! And the best part? It’s FREE!!! He says you can redistribute it, so if you have a problem getting it from the site let me know & I will forward a copy to you.

By Christine

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It is sort of an e-mail client. It’s a tiny software program that you tell it the pop & smtp info for your e-mail(s) and you can view the header or full e-mail info without retrieving it from the server. Then you can delete it off of the server (without downloading it) and if you want to you can “bounce” it back to the sender! That way they think your address is no longer valid! How is that for cool?

Actually, a majority of spammers don’t use valid return email addresses, so bouncing mail back isn’t going to do anything. Just, whatever you do, don’t click those links they include that say they will “unsubscribe” you. It’s a surefire way to show them that they hit a valid email address. If you REALLY hate spam, check out There is a free spam reporting service as well as a “pennies per day” membership service that will filter all your mail, blocking known spammers and allowing you to block mail better than your ISP probably will. I’m LOVING it.

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