Good or Bad, Which Will it Be?

Uh oh… it’s Friday the 13th! Yes, it took me until 11:30 in the morning to notice. Does that give you any clue how my day is going?

Does this mean that the new version of “Freaky Friday” comes out tonight? Hmmm… doesn’t look like it does. Silly people, that should have started today! It would be the perfect release date for it!

By Christine

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6 replies on “Good or Bad, Which Will it Be?”

Really? This is the latest version of the movie based on the book by the same name. The first version came out in the ’70s and Jodie Foster starred in it. There was another version in the ’80s or the ’90s. This latest one looks really good, and when I take Jason to see it, it will probably be as much for me as for him!

Can’t wait to see the remake of that movie. It was one of my favorites when I was 11 or 12. I used to have a Freaky Friday t-shirt that I must have worn every other day for like a year. Anyway, the preview looked cute. And yes, they should have released it today. What were they thinking?

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