Goodies from London?

Mike has to go to London for work, and being the fabulous guy that he is, he offered to bring me knitting goodies. (How cool is that?) One problem. I think I can get pretty much anything they have there over here. I’ve also heard that Colinette is more expensive there than it is here. I did tell him that cool sock yarn is always welcome, but meanwhile I thought I would post the question here:

Is there anything fabulous I should have him bring to me from London? Something that I’m not even aware of that I would otherwise miss?

By Christine

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Oh, I have been there with him before – but I wasn’t knitting yet, so I have no knitting goodies from there. (I do need a replacement pair of Birkenstocks – size 39 – which he knows about.)

Colinette is about $24-25 per skein for the Prism in Tuscany or Parrot – the two I’ve always said I want. *grin* The LYS has a huge stock of Colinette, Debbie Bliss and Rowan.

If it were me I’d ask for tons of Britcom DVDs (and a toy Dalek!), but on the knitting front, I’m afraid I haven’t a clue. 🙂 Perhaps some Calmer or enough Felted Tweed for a Weasley sweater.

well speaking as a londoner, there are soo many things!

an only fools and horses dvd?
a copy of The evening standard?
some of the loot from the £60 million robbery?
a little red routemaster bus toy/ faux red fonebox?
a bottle of thames river water?

this is going to keep me going all nite now!

p.s. and kudos on the cookie-ness, although i suspect yours is for differing reasons than mine!


Bloody hell.

It’s £6 ($10.50) per skein over here. Even adding postage on, it doesn’t come anywhere near $25.

So. Can’t see a colourway called Tuscany on the site, however there is a Toscana. There’s also two kinds of parrot – blue and red.

So, which shades do you want and I’ll see what I can do?

Have a look at and let me know 🙂

Oh, and let me know what kind of colours you like too. Just in case 🙂

GET OUT! Prism is only £6 there??? I could finally buy the (insert number – I have to look at the pattern) skeins of yarn I wanted when I first started knitting for a scarf! *gasp*

Toscana is probably the one I meant; I was going by memory and not the website. Parrot in blue is the other one I always pick up and admire.

I tend to go for blues, purples, greens, burgundy/maroons, or earthy tones. Everything on my needles right now seems to be purple or some combination of purple with blue or gray. Then again, my latest stash acquisition was pink and green Trekking XXL yarn.

Off to drool over the Colinette website…

Good Morning Christine,

So nice to hear from a fellow Houston knitter! What part of Houston do you live in?

On the Colinette, it is WAY overpriced here in the states. It is not necessarily the LYS’s fault, although they may be jacking the prices up more. The US distributor’s wholesale prices are high, and the LYS is obviously passing along that charge to their customers.

Yarntopia is opening April 3rd (fingers crossed). Our Grand Opening, with all of the bells and whistles, will probably be on the 8th.

I would love to do a podcast with you!


Hi Christine, I found your blog by searching for sock knitting and followed a link from Twisted Knitter. It is serendipity because I am amylovie’s business partner in Yarntopia and just noticed her comment. Maybe you could podcast from Yarntopia during our grand opening! Good luck with the British knitting goodies – and yes, sock yarn is ALWAYS welcome!

I’ve known about the DVDs not working since we both lived overseas. Plus I wanted him to bring me knitting stuff – which he is – and not other goodies from London. I bought things like that myself when we went for our honeymoon! 😀

Ok, I know he’s been told to get knitting things, but as a new knitter myself having learned after the 3 years I lived in the UK, if and when I get back I would pick up a great bag at Liberty of London to use with knitting….some of the bags are kind of water proofed which is an added bonus or even a couple of their wee bags which would zip up to hold knitting accessories like markers and such…no one does fun wee bags like the Uk (ok, the japanese I suppose do it better) even a papergoods will have the greatest fun and funky pencil pouches such which are fun add one’s to knitting bags. I know I’m weird, but knitting is one of those great things where my passion for one thing, can justify the passion for buying bags of all shapes and sizes…just found your blog, lovely. Thanks for writing it. Susan

Fyberspates is a Welsh wool alright. Carded, spun and hand dyed by the amazing Jenny Brown (who owns Fyberspates) from Cardiff, South Wales. Check her website. is amazing!

Also would reccommend that your hubbie get you some issues of Knit today and Simply Knitting magazine. the patterns are to die for. I belive that Jenny from Fyberspates has a line for sale at Harrods.. if the grapevine serves me right.
Annie Swansea Stitch’n’Bitch

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