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Brain Update…

View from the Metro

This is the view as we pulled into the Metro station to go to the Eiffel Tower. So the next photos from the honeymoon set will be a select few of the hundreds I have of the Eiffel Tower; consider yourself warned.

I’m happy to report that the change in medicine seems to have helped out a great deal – I had my first test since the change, in Chemistry on Monday, and I got …. *drumroll* … an A! Whoo hoo!

I got a D on the first test. D! I still can’t believe it. I didn’t get anything lower than a really high B last semester. Fortunately, my Chemistry teacher drops our lowest test grade. So that D won’t hurt me and there is still hope for an A in the class.

Now I’m going to return to studying Biology. Our second lab practical over Kingdom Plantae is tomorrow, followed by the unit test on Tuesday. Plants are much easier to deal with then all that itty bitty bacteria and algae stuff. Hopefully I can continue to make the grades I am used to – even if I get a B overall in this class I will be thrilled. Kingdom Protista sucks.

Knitting photos tomorrow. I have lots to share!

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