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Google Rocks!

Did you know you can use Google to track your packages? Type in FedEx, followed by your tracking number, and you’ll get results. Type in the UPS number, you’ll get results. I love it! Google rocks! [Via Biz Stone, Google Employee.]

By Christine

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26 replies on “Google Rocks!”

hey, that’s cool! Its nice to be able to do that all in one place instead of visiting the various sites to check on packages. Of course, my packages are all here now, but this will be helpful in the future. 😉

Cool New Google Feature
Thanks to Christine for shedding light on this new feature from Google. You can now either type FedEx followed by a tracking number or enter a UPS tracking number and get results straight from Google! How cool is that?!…

hey guys, kenny here, just saying google is the most awesome search ever created…nuf said, …what about china not allowing google to search Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, china is its people, not its comunist government\

Google is tha bomb! The minute I grow up it’s google or apple for me! Plus, Google always offers all these cool free services that are what google is famous for! God bless google!

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