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They did a rapid strep test at my doctor’s appointment on Monday, told me that I didn’t have strep, wrote me a prescription for a Z-Pack and scooted me out the door. It’s bothered me all week – if I don’t have strep, why do I have these funky lumps in my throat? What is going on? They tried to explain it away by saying it was probably just from drainage. Good idea, but I didn’t have any drainage. And even after 4 days on the Z-Pack, the lumps aren’t going away and my throat is still sore.

I found an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist in downtown, and I have an appointment for 3:15 today.

Last night I decided to lay on the couch to watch Will & Grace – I would get up and do all the holiday things still looming over me afterwards. That was at 8:30 – and I woke up at midnight. I stayed awake for about an hour as I watched last night’s episode of ER (the only episode I missed last season), and then I headed back to bed. I guess I was even more tired then I thought I was – and it was so nice to finally, after 4 weeks, have a nice quiet night at home. Yes, I’m a regular Rip Van Winkle…

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I did the same thing last night. There was nothing new/interesting on the tube last night, so I just went to bed early even though I had a ton of things I needed to get done.

Sometimes you have to make doctors listen to you. You know what is going on in your own body.

I did that on Wednesday night. I slept really well last night and feel 100% better! There is a 24 hour flu bug going around here…I wonder if that’s what you had? *HUGS* Have a good weekend!

The exact thing happened to another friend of mine. After a couple years of tests and no results they finally figured out it was her tonsils. She had them removed and she’s all better.

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