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Government Gone Mad…

Lexington Herald-Leader: WUKY cancels radio program over offensive content.

Just how on earth with Garrison Keiller be considered offensive? Our government has completely lost it. [via BuzzMachine.]

By Christine

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6 replies on “Government Gone Mad…”

I must comment on this. WUKY is one of my favorite stations. They carry BBC World News from midnight or 1:00 am until 6:00 am most nights of the week (shorter span on Saturday night). But censoring Garrison Keillor is amazing considering what appears on commercials, let alone programs, on TV. How sad. Even sadder is the thought that the fear of fines might be well founded.

Good grief! I subscribe to the Writer’s Almanac by email since I never remember what time he airs. There’s nothing offensive by a long shot in his selections (and I’m considered conservative by most people’s standards)!

Oh yeah, Keiller is a real potty mouth. *eyes rolling*

This administration is the biggest piece of shit ever.

BTW, did I tell you I found a little charm of a parachute with a moving skydiver? Cutest thing ever!!

That’s it – I have to find a new Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. This is the Land of Fear and the Home of the Lawyers. Everytime this craziness happens my heart breaks a little bit more.

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