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Guilty Pleasure … Well, Sort Of…

Guess what I’m watching?!? Jesus Christ Superstar! I would call it a guilty pleasure, but it just seems wrong to call a movie about Jesus a guilty pleasure.

What’s the buzz … tell me whatsa happenin’…

Yeah, I’m going to sing along with every song that I know. And maybe by the end I’ll know a few more… Now I just need a copy of Godspell! Day by Day… Day by Day…

UPDATE: Mike made an emergency Godspell run up to Blockbuster for me, but no luck. *sigh* No DVDs or videos of it. I wonder where I can find a copy.

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8 replies on “Guilty Pleasure … Well, Sort Of…”

Oh fun! I LOVE Godspell! I once saw it as a high school play and was forever hooked. Had both soundtracks (broadway and movie) and played them constantly. I got the DVD last year or so and was really surprised by the scene where they are on top of the twin towers still under construction. That was weird. But yeah, I love that flick. I remember being really little in the early 70’s and my mom and sister playing the “Jesus Christ Superstar” soundtrack on LP. But Godspell is my fav. 🙂

I adore JCS! But not the Ted Neeley version. I like the one that came out a few years back.

Me and a friend tried to watch the Ted Neeley JCS back in February and, well, we couldn’t make it all the way through. I think it was deciding that Simon Zealotes was doing Jazzercise for Jesus that did us in…

I was just talking about JCS yesterday too. I watched Passion. What an awful movie. I remember the days of JCS and Godspell and just loving them. I’d love a copy of both to own just for the memories.

The three musicals I’ve always said I need to be in before I announce my permanent retirement from community theatre: Godspell, JCS, and Pippin (of course, in another few years, I’ll be too old for most of the good parts…)

I LOVED Superstar! I love Ted Neely! I love the premise… and am most touched when Christ is walking amongst the lepers and the sick in the hills… and they are crying out: Touch my eyes I can barely see. Heal my feet, I can barely walk.

I am SO like that with Him sometimes.

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