It has been a crazy week. I’m now going to physical therapy three times a week for my shoulder, plus I had my follow-up appointment today with the orthopedic doctor for both my shoulder and my wrist.

It is officially official CTS. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) It is moderate to severe, although I didn’t have a lot of problems with it before mid-July. I was able to knit without any problems, typing was only an issue at the giant desk, and in general I was doing fine. Now it is numb a lot (although less than it was when I had my first appointment on July 29th), and my wrist and elbow hurt from time-to-time.

The physician’s assistant came in to give me the prognosis, and then said, “At this point, we can either do a cortisone injection or surgery.” Call me crazy, but those aren’t exactly equal options. Wouldn’t you try the injection before you did surgery? I moaned and groaned about the injection though because the one in my shoulder last month hurt A LOT. I couldn’t lift my arm for 3-4 days. In the long run, it didn’t help my shoulder much (like it was supposed to) but it did help my hand/wrist. But it hurt. And I am a wimp. So when the doctor came in to look at me, I said that I really didn’t want it, and he said that was ok – but to be warned that it could eventually cause permanent damage that could not be reversed.

I checked out with my prescription for two wrist splints in my hand and no shot. Two wrist splints at night — how sexy is THAT??? I got about 10 feet down the hall when I realized that I really should do the shot. It might hurt for a few days, but hopefully it will help in the long run. I went back to the office and asked if it was too late to change my mind. They said it was ok, and took me back to an exam room.

If you should ever consider having the cortisone shot in your wrist, be warned. It is a special kind of pain. Searing, burning, shooting pain going across my hand and up my middle finger. I considered making gestures with that finger in response. Ok, ok, I wouldn’t have done that because they were taking good care of me – but the thought crossed my mind.

It isn’t hurting too bad now, but I’ve been warned that it will hurt tonight. This time they gave me a prescription for pain killers – would have been nice to have had those last time!

As for the shoulder, we did X-rays today, and he didn’t see anything on there. They think it is an impingement, and I get to continue the physical therapy for now to treat it. I’ve also got medicine to try to help with the inflamation, so hopefully I’ll see an improvement there.

Typing with a wrist-splint is fun.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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they keep telling me i can get cortisone injections for me knees, and my mom swears it really helps, but i say NO WAY. i’ll take surgey over needles in my knee. at least with the surgery they’ll knock me out! it’s not that i have a fear of needles, i just hate the thought of needles in joints. ick.

Oooooh… that is a great thing to know. Thanks for sharing the link!

I have problems right now with writing for a long time, but hopefully after this shot that will help. The touchpad on the laptop is my friend because I can keep my wrists flat on the laptop while tapping the mouse. That may not last for long though.

The cortisone is very, very hurty, but the op, while it will suck ass for a while after, *should* make things better for longer.

I have cubital tunnel syndrome (like carpal, but in the elbow) and I had nerve decompression and transposition surgery which gave me back the feeling I was losing in my fingers.

It sucked for a long time after (I don’t heal like normal people) but it’s way better now than it was.

But yeah, jabs do not equal surgery – not nerve surgery, that’s for damn sure.

Hope that things improve in the short term – and as for the splints – just knit sexy covers for them. 🙂

Though I’ve never been officially diagnosed with CTS, I used to wear a hard wrist brace while at the computer, but I always thought they made my wrists hurt worse. I recently got some Handeze gloves and I LOVE them. They don’t get in the way like a brace can, and I can comfortably wear them while typing or knitting. They can usually be found at craft stores like Michael’s.

I wonder why your injection hurt so badly. I get them in my SI joint and I’m only a bit sore for a couple of days and them I’m fine. the shot itself doesn’t hurt at all b/c they knock me out.

I did the surgery…yes, it was a pain but in reality after 3 months my hand for the most part is back to normal. Didn’t think it ever would though. No more pain the only thing is sometimes when I try to left a heavy obect I haven’t the strength so plan on using weights to remedy that.
Love your blogs

Geeky – try the needle before you try the knife. It might help. My wrist isn’t hurting anywhere near as much as my shoulder did last month when I got the shot there. This shot hurt more in the process, but in the long run it’s doing a lot better.

Girl – my arm was better after 3-4 days when I had the shot in the shoulder. Well, better as in I could finally move it. The pain itself is from an impingement, so it seems that physical therapy might be the best fix for it overall.

Pix – if the shot doesn’t help, then surgery will be the next option. I figured trying the shot first was the best thing to do, since the recovery time is shorter.

my shots sucked, I had cortisone flares in left wrist yesterday.and today it is in right hand. Thank god for ice and pain killers.wrist cortisone shots may help in long run. but short time after shots sucks..

I’m right there with you. Last week I had a stiff neck and left shoulder. Then my left index finger went numb, followed by my entire left arm.

The doctor put me on Robaxcin, Mobic, and Vicodin and I left. They didn’t help much, so the next day she did the cortisone injection in my shoulder. It made the numbness go away in my arm, but my index finger is still “pins and needles” all day.

Now I’ve got shooting pain in my elbow that feels like someone is tapping my funny bone with a ball-peen hammer every 7 seconds.

I don’t likey.

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My doctor’s appointment on Friday lead to a cortisone shot in the shoulder. It was supposed to help my pain – and it did, my right hand doesn’t hurt and isn’t numb most of the time like it was – but as a trade off I can barely lift my right arm. Today is the first day I have much motion in it at all. Really ironic that I just got new and more annoying pain as a trade-off for what I had.

As a result, typing – along with a lot of other more critical activities such as driving and cooking – just haven’t been too feasible until today. Even now it is at a minimum, as the doctor ordered.

Today is the neurological test on my right arm to try and find where the problem is in my shoulder and just what is causing it. The fun never ends…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Ah yes, another doctor who neglects to mention the handy fact that immediately following a cortisone injection stuff actually gets worse and hurts way more.

Which bit of your hand is numb? If it’s the outside part (middle to pinky fingers) then chances are that you’ve got a nerve trapped in your elbow or in your underarm.

Whatever it is, I hope it gets sorted out real soon – that kind of stuff is a real bummer.

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What would ever possess someone to inspire them to have 1900 body piercings? I’m sorry, but that is just wrong on so many levels…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Wow! I don’t mind one or two body piercings -have one myself but over 1900!!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine how she eats, or what it must feel like when it’s cold (all that metal must conduct the cold) or how she gets through airport security….

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A week or so ago, Emily shared the story about how KW lost his big toenail. I got all hee-bee jeebie over it; just thinking about it made my stomach turn.

So what do I go and do to myself when I was in Minnesota? You guessed it. I took off a chunk of my own toenail. I stubbed my toe on a dresser, swore and hopped around, and then went to bed. In the morning, I noticed that I had messed up my toenail polish. Damn. It’s summer time, I like to have pretty toes.

It wasn’t until Saturday that I realized I didn’t just mess up the nailpolish – I actually ripped off a quarter of my toenail. But I didn’t rip it all the way off – it’s still stuck on on the left side. It hurts when I touch it, or when I use peroxide to rinse it out or Neosporin to keep it clean. Otherwise, it’s ok. But my poor toenail just isn’t pretty, and it’s ruining the overall summer look for me.

Now I just have to get the courage to rip it off the rest of the way. *shiver*

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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is there any way to just cut off where it’s loose and let the other part fall off when it’s ready? UGH I know how awful that is, even when it’s a small piece but it sounds like you did some good damage…

This might not be comforting, but I got a similar damage to my toe last autumn and it is still not good. I expect a total time of 18 months to have my whole nail replaced with the new nail. :-/

Ewww, I know what you mean. A week or so ago, I accidentally ripped off part of my fingernail … the middle finger on my left hand. It hurt like HELL! *sigh* It’s better now, though. 🙂

When I played basketball back in highschool, I had a guy land on my big toe. It slid my left big toe nail down to the left slightly. Result? WICKED ingrown toenail. They ended up cutting off a good chunk of my toenail to remove it. If I recall correctly, your toenail should grow 1/4 of an inch a month. I wish you the best of luck in this trying time! (I really just wanted to give some male representation in this toenail discussion.)

The only time, I did it was a child, I was on the back of a bicycle and barefoot. My foot got caught in the spokes. It happened right in front of the parents, it was ok then to do such things..”It will grow back” That is just something you never forget.
I have been an assistant in minor foot surgury if you wanna call it that…fungus can it so bad a foot doctor has to permantly remove the nail. No blood in the action, woman do paint the area as if a nail was there BTW.

Oh man, I just had my entire left big toenail ripped off. It sucks. It didnt hurt as much as I thought though. But yeah, so is it gonna take 4 months to grow back? Or longer? Man I hope not, and you think I shouldn’t go running for a while? This sucks. Ouch, for sure.

Just 3 days ago i was moving my desk “barefoot in sandals” when the desk slipped and landed on my toe. I jumped back so fast from the pain. When i finally looked down I had completely lifted up my whole toenail on my big toe. It didnt hurt at first I guess from the shock. I had to rip it off myself because the nail was just hanging. I was told by my doctor to just clean it wit peroxide and put neosporin on it and keep it bandaged up. I heard it will take a few months for the whole toenail to grow back. Its winter thank god but still. I cant wear any shoes for at least a week. Does anyone know how long it will take for me to wear shoes again with the pain?

For me it only took about 6 days for me to go back to wearing tennis shoes. Just wrap it a lot in toilet paper or something so the pressure doesn’t press on your toe. It’s really important to keep it dry all the time the first week or so, so when you get out of the shower you should use a blow-dryer to get it totally dry. It’s been 3 months and its only half grown back, but it doesn’t look bad! No one will notice unless you waive your foot in their face.

Egads….Thanks guys and gals. You have made me feel not so bad and given me some hope for waering shoes. Yesterday my Honey and I were out with his new camera checking for Damselflies…Ebony Jewelwings are so very gorgeous! When we decided to hit another spot We were walking along a newly cut trail when I stubed my toe on a stump of a cut shrub. no big deal…till i looked down and my Beautiful red toenail was at a very unusual angle…pointing up at me! I love my toenails cause they are pretty…my boyfirned was just saying so that morning as i was noticing it was time to repaint! Oh My It took 4 hours to find some help because it was Sunday afternoon. We had to drive to Ocean City and i’m glad we went to a Doc cause he gave me some thin for pain…Which I needed to sleep.
My question is how are you doing now with your injuries.
The doc put my toenail in place with tape to guide the new growth. I am so happy it is not just gone!

ouch!! my big toenail just fell off. it was really bruised underneath it for awhile and today it fell off. i’m going to florida for 2 weeks in october, will it be bak by then?? help!!!!

I had a fight with my wardrobe door and quess what – it won! My big toel nail was ‘standing to attention’. I wasn’t really sore but it bled a lot. After cleaning it i stuck it back on till i got to the nurse. I’m having it dressed twice a week and although it is not painful it looks it! Everyone squirms and leaves the room when i start talking about it. I feel quite a heroine! I’ve began to cut the nail and have noticed it smells vile. Don’t think I’ve got gangrene but the next best thing. Anyone had this experience?

well had just come out of the supermarket. They were diggin up the roads and had put boards down on top of the sand, we live in Dubai. And my daughter sttod on one end of the board and my foot went under the other end oooh look down and there was my big toe nail half hanging on. The pain! so off we went to the doc who was not much use but dressed the toe and put on fucidin anitbiotic cream. Off you go she says and we will see what happens. Can anyone tell me whats gonna happen.

I feel so bad for you. I got hurt bad too. I was shutting the door and it ripped half of it off. i was screaming. I get my nails done every week! I love my nails. So i went to a doctor and they said that it will take a year! i can not wait that long. It will be a month till summer offically begins. I like to wear flipflpops. i refuse to wear sneakers for a year. But if your skin is dry i think you can still get it done but do not go to nail salons. If you do got to a professions one not s pit stop one if you know what i mean. Hope you feel better!

I just got done painting my toe nails yesterday. My boyfriend commented on how pretty they looked and then an soon after that accidentaly steps on by left foot. It happened so fast & was kinda both our faults. I had to redo my big toe and so proceeded to remove the polish off when I found out that my big toe nail was ripped off on one side and hanging from the other. Yikes ! I freaked out .I live in Minnesota and it’s just the beginning of summer. I have ton’s of flip-flops,sandals, beautiful open toe shoes waiting to be worn & this is just a horrible timing. I guess there is no right time to get your big toe nail ripped off and thank goodness I don’t live in LA but wow this is insane. One good thing is that I can still paint over the ripped off part and it looks like it’s still there but I’m so afraid it might just rip off by itself someday and will look wierd and then I will have to wait a year before I can wear open toe shoes period.

I actually injurred my toe by running in too small of shoes (didn’t feel too small). I guess all the running on the treadmill had pounded on my toe and it got bruised (turns out it was probably a hematoma). I tried to ignore it and sort of limped around painfully for a while, I could see the bruise under the nail, but decided to paint over it. It has been almost two months since “the injury” and now I’m convinced that my nail is going to fall off. It feels loose if that makes sense. Any advice on how to prevent if from actually falling off? I live in flip flops and really cute open toed heels- I don’t know what I’ll do if the stupid thing falls off!

hey, im so upset rite now i love my toes and i was in the kitchen the other night and my older brother kicked me by accident with his shoes and i didnt fink nefin of it..but then later i looked at it and i nearly fainted once i saw the sight of it ..the hole of my second toenail was loose but stuck to the other side..i was crying because it was the summer and i love all my open toe shoes and sandals..what can i do?! long does any1 think it will take to grow back?!..i need help!! pleas!..xx

So, the other day i was surfing, and my toe got stubbed on thee fin of the surfboard. and then, the next day while surfing, my toe nail got subbed AGAIN, but it actually ripped the WHOLE left big toenail off, but it was still hanging on by the bottom, and right side of the toenail. GRR, now i cant go surfing for the rest of the summer, go to any water parks or anything. And guess how long it takes to grow back????? ABOUT 6-8 FRICKN MONTHS CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT???!!!!??? but, its still on my toe, but the doc said it will eventually turn like black and fall off. Im SOOOOOOO WORRIED that its gonna get worse, and they will have to like cut my toe off (im a worrier) and yeah. but it hurts really bad!!!!! And i wish this never would have happened, cus now im having the WORST SUMMER EVER. And, lynne, like i said it take like 6-8 months to grow back a whole toenail, but only a little peice, like 3 weeks (that happpend to me last month.i have so not been lucky with my feet this summer!!!! lol


WOW!!! Here is my story: I was at a party on July 8th. I was going inside the house to check on my son (watching tv) and my husband (was on his way out to me). I was wearing some cute high heal opened toe shoes and JUST had a cute American Flag painted on my big toenails!! While I was going inside the garage, I stumped my toe on the metal threshold. I anticipated that I would walk OVER the elevated threshold but my left foot didn’t cooperate. When I stumped it, I thought, “Dang, I hope that DIDN’T just ruin my newly poslished toes!!!”…and I looked down and discovered IT DIDN’T!!!! Ummmmm…it RIPPED MY ENTIRE LEFT TOENAIL RIGHT OFF FROM THE ROOT!!! Polish was in tact, ladies!! I limped over into the garage and took those horrible shoes off without any blood on them (wink). My husband came out, saw me and FREAKED OUT. The rest of the men came over and freaked out. I was the ONE PERSON that was CALM and trying to CALM THEM DOWN and I was ON FIRE with PAIN! Long story longer, we came home and I had 5 stiches put on my one toe to keep it in place and now it is without stitches and the doctor is worried of an infection since it is RED. I can tell you all that for some reason, we have 2 layers to the INSIDE of our toenails! It’s GRUESOME! My MOM is the only one that can stomach my stories of my “clean up” process!! AND?? BOTH doctor’s I have seen CANNOT guarantee that I will have a toenail again!! I have been literally SICK over this but I am HOPING that I don’t have an infection! My doctor warned me of redness and that is EXACTLY what I have all around it! Though, I am on painkillers so I can’t feel much, if at all, any pain!

I have to say, out of the many expiriences I have had over the years, getting my big toenail ripped off of my left foot has to be one of the better ones. The feeling of the initial crush of the toe can only be described as near euphoric, you can be sure. I ripped the last bit off myself, a great joy that really sat well as a cheery on pie. The large amounts of blood, the sapped nerves, the grossed out female employee; all things everyone should have some of in their life. The guy who worked there that was helping me told me he had a similar event happen a few months ago. He cried like a girl he told me; and he’s a grown man.

And he only had part of the cuticle torn off.

I can’t imagine why.

The best part had to be the ER though. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend all afternoon (and then some) in a waiting room biting their lip? When the med student tore the gauze from my now dried up toe, causing some pain and plenty of bleeding again….I was wondering if it was possible to have my day get better.

Oh, did it.

Imagine, for instance, the joy at finding out I have a 1 in four chance of never having a big toenail again; “even then,” the doctor told me, “it might only grow back black.”

I could only grin.

I examined my toenail for the first time about now. The entire nail came off intact, including the entire cuticle, and then some, even beyond the cuticle. Such satisfaction that brought me. The only piece not intact was the part ripped off by hand- there was a small shard remaining in my fleshy, sensitive toe from that.

That came after the two pleasant shots in either side of my toe, both given directly in to the nerves on either side. There was so much fluid injected that my toe actually swelled up- so much swelling that I got pain from the stretching and pressure itsef. The swelling wasn’t a thing compared to the shot itself, though; fire has to be the most wonderous sensation! I daresay it rivaled the initial crunch that began the whole fiasco. This shot was nessesary because she was about to check out the nail base, and to do that she had to clear out the blood (yes, it was still flowing; but some of it was starting to dry and get in the way). It was great having her rip out the shard; it owuldn’t come out as she wanted, so she got some scissors and tried to do the job a little more effectively.

Apparently it hurts even more to have that done without said shot.

Sitting there, relishing in the day’s expirience, a fellow who works at the hospital comes and tells me he ripped his townail off a few days ago. “It’s gonna hurt like hell in a few hours,” he tells me.

Ahh, I can’t wait.


Oh gosh – im sitting here reading all of these stories and had to comment. I’m going through a very similar problem – well, have been for a couple of month now. We were plaing Tennis in june and i jammed my big toe in my sneaker as i stopped short to hit the ball. I knew i did something bad right away. When we got home i took off my sock and saw that i had blood under the nail. No pain but it looked realllllly ugly. I thought THAT was bad but it got worse. I decided to paint my toes one of those dark reddish brown colors (vixen by revlon to be exact) to cover the discoloration since i usually wear a french manicure or light pink color on my toes…… and that worked GREAT – so one could tell…. that is until the night my fiance’ stepped on ym toe as i was walking past him (he sorta reached for me and hugged me – trying to be cute) and the toenail ripped off. I’m telling you i started panicing – i was crying and freaking out all at once – i literally couldnt look – i was horrified! it was sooooo gruesome! He felt soooooo bad – i was really a mess – crying like a 10 year old and freaking out…. Some wont believe what i did but, i made him go to the beauty supply store and get acrylic nail powder and liquid and a brush – the kind they use at the nail salon to do acrylic nails (just no artificial tips) – i first glued to nail back down – but it was ripped at the base on one side so i covered the crack with the acrylic and built up the thickness of my nail so it would be thichker and stronger. I let it dry, buffed and then applied my dark polish. I went all summer with this thicker toenail but no one can even tell……i have to say that except for buying those glue on toenails they have at the drugstore next to the fake nails (which would be a good option for some of you who are desperate for something to make it look better and cant do what i did) there was really no other option other than taking the nail off because it was really lifting – …..its got many months to go still but at least i had an option. I pray it grows back in ok – im so afraid that it’ll always look weird or crooked……. anyway…..if anyone wants to try what i did i’d suggest having some experience doing acrylic application on your fingernails or have a friend help you – basically it really helped because it made the nail a lot stronger thatn it would have been if i just glued it down – and the glue did need to be reapplied about every two weeks – it would lift up again. Not a pleasant expereince!

It’s been just over a week since I tore the toenail off my big toe. Actually, it only came off to the base of the cuticle. My doctor cut the nail off to the nail bed and said it should grow back ok. Well I noticed that it’s growing back, but still seems to be pointing straight up like it was before my doctor clipped it off. I’m not feeling too confident that it will grow back flat and normal. Any one with a similar concern?

okay so the other day i ripped my BIG toenail hair off. it hurt really bad i am now on pain killers really good ones and am not feeling a thing

Well I have acrylic (false) nails on my hands, they look pretty but are dangerous. 2 days ago I fell out of a cab (hehe yes i was drunk) and ripped 3 of them off, bearing in mind they are hard 2 get off so i was sreaming and crying. When I actually looked at my hand i realised 2 of my natural nails had gona with them. 2 OF MY NAILS. All I could see was flesh and that made me panick more. My mums a nurse so I went to hers and she put IODINE on them. That hurt more and its still hurting now. I have never felt pain like this before so i duno what ur all complaining about!!!!!!

my name is aimee tonight my big toenail got lifted while moving a couch im in a lot of pain and dont know what to do to treat it. im pretty nervous and cant wear shoes but im a server and am required to wear teneshoes i dont know what to do can anyone help me?

I run a lot (marathons and the like) and have had a number of my toenails turn blue, black and even fall off. A fellow runner gave me this tip: paint your nails before you run. Well, odd as it sounds – it works! I don’t know why (some day I’m going to ask my doctor friend). So far, it has not been a problem to have my toenails painted (i’m a guy), in fact I actually got a compliment from a woman the other day – she said my feet looked “happy”. I was wearing a light blue polish. Hey, whatever works…

Today I was wearing flipflops, and I stubbed my toe really hard. Some of my nail cracked and is hanging on an end. My docter said that I have to cut it off! How do I get it off without dieing?

my big left toenail was bleeding pretty bad last night after I crashed my bicycle. there definatley is blood under the nail, and nail has gone from clear to a milky white color, it’s raised and there is bruising around the nail. OUCH. I am going to drill a hole in it when I get home.

Last week I stubbed my toe on the couch trying to answer my cellphone, ( like i couldnt have called someone back had i missed the call…I know)
It hurt so bad i could hardly breath, I could tell it was ripped from the toenail bed because you could see air under the toenail. I put a bandaid on it hoping and wishing it would like magically fuse itself back to the bed.
Today is Thursday and i couldnt take the smell and leaking anymore, it was making me sick to my stomach, I tried to trim the nail because it was really bothering me, when i noticed it was so loose and lifting everytime i tried to trim it, and Pus would Gush out from under the nail, i began to pull on it, and it literally lifted up all the toenail, so i pulled and it came right out.
It was so gross, it hurt worse then when i originally hurt the dang thing.
Now the bed is really tender and bleeding, i put neosporin on it and a bandaid and am hoping all will be ok i dont know how long it will take to grow back, i am sure with what everyone has said here i can look for it to be well into the winter months before i have a toenail again.

Hey, kindred spirits! I was hiking in the Swiss Alps in June (which at least makes the story interesting) and on our first day out, we had a really steep descent. I had, thoughtfully, bought new hiking boots for my teenagers but not for myself. Big mistake. My right foot was, apparently, hitting the front of my boot. As the runners know, this is a big problem.

That night, the whole end of my second toe (including nail) was black. My pinky toe also looked suspicious. I wrapped them up and proceeded to hike (being careful on descents) the rest of the 10 days.

Continued to watch the toes for several weeks, but I could tell they were loosening. I am very prone to nail fungus, so I trimmed them, applied fungicide daily, cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and did the best I could. Lost both nails after about a month. The pinky toenail came off completely and the second toenail I continued to trim back until I reached healthy nail (almost to cuticle).

I have since learned (from my runner sister) that the best way to combat nail fungus is to soak your toes in white vinegar for 10 – 15 minutes a day. Yes, your feet will smell like pickles, but it does wonders to fight infection and fungus. Since I am worried about fungus setting in while my toenails grow back (it’s been 2 months and they are just beginning to grow in), I am soaking my toes daily. There is no sign of fungus and, as a bonus, a bit of athlete’s foot I had around my big toe is completely cured!

Baby your toes if you injure a nail. For months. I got a doctor’s note to wear open-toed shoes which violate our dress code to allow my toes to heal properly. You only get 10, so pamper them!

Okay so I’m reading all these storys, But I must agree Ripping of Finger Nails Is Extremely Painful!!!! I was Breaking Up a Fight last Night and In the Process Riped Not 1…or 2 But 5 Of My Acrylic Fingernails. My skin is completely exposed. My Fingers are swollen and I Have this Oozy yellow crust building up over the wound. Iv been taking Pain Killers but even that is not really helping the pain. My fingers are cosistantly throbbing and sting. I’m pretty tuff with pain but let me tell you this is the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever felt. I have had a C section and Broken Bones……Lots of Tattoos..and right Now I can combine all of tgose together….and this still Hurts EVEN MORE* ALL I can do is hope that the pain goes away soon…at this point I don’t care If I grow a nail or not…I just want to be able to Use My Hands =/

Losing part of your toenail is entirely miserable– especially when you want to wear cute summertime sandals, or just go barefoot. I have a friend who lost her whole big toenail. It was super ugly, but she found fake toenailss (just like fake regular nails) at the store and put it on, painted. It really looks normal. You should consider it…

I was reading the first part of this article happily and then physcially heaved when you talked about your decision to tear the hanging part of your nail off.

I’ve been a similar situation before and I know how painful it can be, especially when the nail is still stuck to the side skin.

I would have to numb myself with a good measure of vodka if I was attempting anything like this again.


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Know what sucks? Waking up with a headache. No, no, it’s not a hangover. I think all the tension just caught up with me and my neck is incredibly tight this morning. My jaw hurts. I have been grinding my teeth. I need a massage. (Which is not going to happen.) Oh well. Go vote someone off of the Big Blogger game. I get to nominate. You get to vote. Meanwhile, I’m going to take more Excedrin.

Top Republicans Break With Bush on Iraq Strategy (NYTimes, free subscription needed). Yeah, I bet Duhbya is needing some Excedrin right about now too.

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Actually, what would be really nice would be if they admitted he doesn’t have a foreign policy. He’s just trying to make daddy happy by finishing the job he couldn’t manage to finish a decade ago. However, his main problem right now is he’s running out of crisis to make himself look competent…

Have you ever used a NightGuard? They are designed to keep you from grinding your teeth at night, and although they do take some getting used to they also help. You can get one custom-made by a dentist (which is what my girlfriend has) for a big chunk of change, or you can pick one up for $20 at the drugstore (which is what I did) and mold it using hot water.

Oh yes, my Nightguard is my best friend! I used my thin one that night instead of my thick one though – and in hindsight, I think the sore neck was the beginning of the cold/crude/ick that I’m battling today!

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