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Hackers Suck…

It’s late at night, and my cell phone rings. Except my cell phone is an attachment for my Handspring Visor, so when it rings it just sounds like the alarm is going off – so I ignore it. Then the home phone rings, and it’s PhotoMatt, my knight in shining armor, calling to let me know that my site has been hacked.


Hackers suck. Even more than people that suggest you should just steal blog designs. (Sarah, steal my design and I’ll be at your doorstep ready to go carnival freak crazy on your ass. I’ll claw your eyes out. Probably with a spork.)

Fortunately, for my sites using MT, all that I needed to do was a quick and easy save of my latest post – that rebuilt the index page and all was well again in the world. The lazy hackers didn’t go any deeper than the index.html or index.phpl pages of sites – but they seem to have hit ALL of those pages on one server, making me wonder if it was a virus, worm, or trojan horse of some sort.

So, I’ve got the techno gurus researching what happened, and as soon as I know more I’ll share – but in the meantime, if it has happened to you too, rebuild your index page and you should be fine. If you have other pages you need restored and you host with Blogomania, send in a request to support and we’ll hook you up.

Hackers suck.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Great post Christine! I personally wouldn’t steal Sarah’s design…it’s a little simple for me, like her writing. I honestly don’t know why some people have to post things like she does. And people will just follow a leader like that too!

Yep, I was still working on my site when they swept through the collection I’m hosting. Looks like they got root on the server. At least these hackers just wanted to let folks know they got in without doing undue damage to the sites in question. If it has to happen I prefer that over wholesale mass-deletion of content.

So staying up later than I should have worked out well as it only affected my sites for about 20 seconds. Hopefully they get the hole patched quickly.

I couldn’t believe Sarah said that crap on The Screen Savers. Teaching people to steal code isn’t exactly cool, and I hope they get a bucketload of mail regarding that particular segment.

If it’s a lovely black page with l337 hacker speak, yes – it is. I didn’t rebuild everything last night – was more worried about fixing client sites first. I’ll fix the rest of mine this morning.

sorry to hear about the break-in! stupid script kiddies!!!

anyways – just a semantic gripe of mine
that’s from the hacker jargon file by eric raymond. see especially #8.
I find it sad how the word ‘hacker’ has come to be associated with malicious computer criminals, something that has nothing to do with real ‘hacking’ or hackers. Don’t mean to preach, just trying to spread the word that not all hacker’s are evil bastards going around and breaking things. 🙂 good luck with patching things up.

Wow, I can’t belive some chick at techtv advocates stealing designs!! That’s horrible. The most I’ve ever done is look to see what the font name is of a site here and there. In the end, I ended up using a template that is free for sharing. But stealing is bad and I’m amazed at that techtv chick. Bummer!

Did you get hit by the “masturbate for peace” hackers? *shakes head* That really sucks. My site got hit a few weeks back. Luckily all I had to do was rebuild and delete all the extra pages they put there. My host had problems for a week after that, all related to the hacking. Uggh! Glad to see things are back to normal here.

And by the way. The hacker speak gets really old, doesn’t it? If I were a hacker, I’d do something really cool like put up nekkid pictures of Bea Arthur. *nods*

whoa – i missed out on all this while i was in Austin this weekend. my site was still peachy when i logged on the times i had a free moment to myself. i know i’ve been having wonky things going on with my blog, why a certain table keeps on getting corrupted – i’m still at a loss on that and have no more information what i can give to Mike or HM. hmmm, pMachine had a security upgrade a few weeks back… and since at least 99% of my pages are .php, i hope i’m okay. i didn’t have any emergency calls on my cell either. i guess that means i’m good to go.

I didn’t affect your site Kathy – it was just Themis, the first server that Blogomania clients were placed on. The “oldest” of the bunch (by a few weeks.) The other six servers were fine.

MySQL was downgraded on your server to see if that would more errors on your site. We have several pMachine users, but your site is the only one that keeps corrupting. Hmmmm… you may not be as innocent as you look, huh? 😉 *giggle*

Got hack?
Looks like someone managed to hack their way into one of the servers at the hosting service that Blogomania rents space through. I was sitting here late last night (much later than I should have been) when I tried to go back to my site and ran smack da…

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