Hair, Hair, Hair!

I have a trial run tonight for possible hair options for the wedding. I need a way to show the stylist some of the photos of hairstyles I like, so I figured I would post them here. Feel free to check them out and give feedback if you want!
















This is a possible hair option for Kymberlie:

And some makeup options:


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I like the second one from the top – would look good with shoulder length hair…..or the one with the yellow background. I like the front and the back of that one….and would be a good option for shoulder length hair…..good luck and let us know which one you pick!!!

I semi-vote for the first one. That’s because I can’t see from the back. My sister that is getting married in two weeks picked the third one from the top for her wedding and the group reaction was “WTF is that?”

This is coming from a gal that wore a mini beehive for her wedding. Now, I’m divorced. Don’t take advice from me. LOL

i like the fourth from the top best beacuse it seems more relaxed and natural… not that anything a stylist does will feel natural with the amount of hairspray they’ll use (good thing when pictures are being taken all day but bad thing trying to wash it all out…)

I forgot to mention – I am wearing a looooovely tiara, so I doubt that I will have decoration stuff in the back of my hair (besides curls) because it might be too much. I’m going to ask the stylist for her opinion though tonight!

I absolutely LOVE the first one. It gets my vote. It’s classy, fancy, and not too youngish… some of those hairstyles remind me of prom queens… is that just me? Hmm. But yes, the first one is gorgeous and looks lovely with a tiara.

I like the first one – assuming of course that you are definitely going with the tiara look. I think it looks special without looking like you are trying too hard. It always bugs me when brides want to look sooo different than they do in real life – it’s like the whole ting is a sham. Sorry – I don’t like a single one of the others for oodles of reasons. But hey-you’ll be gorgeous!

Great pics!! I’m getting married in 4 weeks and have my trial in 3. Two of these pics are almost exactly what I had in mind!! Thanks!

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