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Helping Others Brings Good Karma…

I spotted this on Lisa’s site and thought I would help out too:

Ellen’s birthday is next week.

I’m putting together a treasure hunt for her. Clues are being planted at a bunch of the local places that she frequents parks, stores, playgrounds, etc. And I got the idea that it would be really cool if I could kick it off with a clue that you get by searching Google for “Ellen Seebacher’s birthday.”

So I need your help. I need people to add links to the birthday page I’ve set up, on pages that are indexed by Google and which Ellen is unlikely to visit on her own.

This may not work since I have only eight days left, and Google’s reindexing engine is probably not that fast, but what the hell, I’m going to try anyway. If it doesn’t pay off in time I can always just write the Google clue out of the hunt.

I’m told that Google reindexes weblogs more frequently than other pages. Which makes sense. So if you’re willing to add a link to your blog, that would be especially helpful!

In other words, I need:

1. Links to
2. titled Ellen Seebacher’s birthday
3. on web-indexed pages, especially blogs
4. which Ellen doesn’t read. (e.g. LiveJournals that aren’t on her friends list)

So here’s my link back for her too!

Ellen Seebacher’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Ellen! Hope you have fun on your scavenger hunt!

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