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As I’m still dealing with bleeding (NOT as heavy as it was on Wednesday night, but still happening) I decided I should do some more reading up on fibroids. Everything about my symptoms makes more sense after reading up on them.

WebMD’s guide to Uterine Fibroids
Fibroid Tumors

I woke up this morning in pain. Not cramps, like normal menstral cramps, but pain. Strangely enough, I discovered that if rolled over and laid on my stomach it felt better. I am normally a side sleeper, but I was willing to do anything. I’m trying to make sure I take it easy, and watching what I eat to make sure I’m getting iron.

I have also noticed that I’ve lost weight, but I feel bloated in my abdomin. After reading the above sites (and a few others), I’ve learned that the pill can relieve the bleeding, but actually make the fibroids enlarge. Oh, fun!

November 14th can’t come soon enough. Matter of fact, I’m going to call the doctor’s office on Monday and find out if there is any way they can move my appointment up even sooner. For now, I just really want to feel normal again.

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I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this. Several years ago during our infertility treatments they found several large fibroids. I had an outpatient surgery to remove them and felt fine the next day. I took it easy for about 5 days (But still worked and all) and was back to normal sans bleeding/symptoms. It’s a simple and easy procedure to have them removed with a super short recovery time. If it is suggested for you, don’t worry, it’ll probably be for the best and you can get on with your life. Good luck!!

Those witches scare me, but not in a good way.

I hope this all gets sorted out. When I first started on the pill and bled for like a month straight, my doc recommended that I start taking vitamin c in addition to iron. When that didn’t change anything, she said “oops, well, sometimes the C has the opposite effect.” So you could, in the meantime, try adding or subtracting some C from your diet.

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