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Has Anyone Read the Constitution Lately?

Our country was set up as a system of checks and balances. We have three separate and distinct branches of governement to keep things flowing through the proper channels. So it really annoys me to read that Senators call Pledge decision ‘stupid’. Hello? It’s not up to you. It was a court ruling, and it should stay within the court system.

“This is obviously an unbelievable decision, as far as I am concerned, and an incorrect ruling and a stupid ruling.”

Well, as far as YOU are concerned, Mr. Senator, it’s not your choice. It seems that studying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be required of all government officials as they strip away our freedoms and attempt to force their beliefs on us more and more every day.

By Christine

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7 replies on “Has Anyone Read the Constitution Lately?”

the amount of ignorance being spewed forth on this issue is just scary. separation of church and state. it’s a simple concept. adding ‘under god’ fifty years ago was *clearly* unconstitutional.

that being said, all this fuss seems rather … overblown, doesn’t it? don’t people have more important things to fuss about? doesn’t congress have more important stuff to legislate about?

Two things amaze me. One is that 9 out of 10 Americans agree with the Senator (according to a recent poll) and the second is (sorry kd, nothing personal) that people find being forced to make a religeous observance unimportant in particular and the Constitution protections in general as unimportant. Religious freedom is what caused Europeans to leave everything behind and come to this continent. The early christians were thrown to the lions because they refused to burn a pinch of incense in honor of Ceasar. Millions of Jews were slaughtered because they were identified with a specific religious belief. Freedom to believe (or not believe) as we choose is the absolute cornerstone of this country, and if you think that there is too much screaming going on over this issue, then tell the religious fanatics that insist you either believe in god or are not an American to shut up or move to a country that openly mixes religion and politics (like Iran).
Okay, I’ve said my piece for now.

i don’t have anything to add to the discussion. i just wanted to say–it’s really awesome of you [Christine] to post your opinion and speak what’s in your soul. the only way we [the people] can take the power back is to speak up and start somewhere.

Ah! Finally someone voices what I have trouble putting into words. I live in D.C., and for awhile there all we heard on the radio was ridiculous chatter from senators like “now I think this is infringing upon the rights of Christians” and other such nonsense. How is neutrality become the bad thing?

Anyway, got a little off track there…but I totally agree with you about the branches of gov’t. Most of the senators seemed to have the idea that they could just get in a big group and right the wrong.

The God bit was only added in 1954, and the rhythm of the Pledge is much better without it, so I don’t see what all the fuss was about… It would be more traditional to change it.

One of the things that everyone fails to mention on this is the the Judiciary has overstepped its bounds. The Supreme Court was not set up as a legislative branch, however; by judicial fiat, they write law. Last time I checked, we lived in a Republic. For those who don’t know this means that a majority of people elect representatives to “represent” them in government. What the majority decides is and should be law. However, we now have tyranny of a small minority that violates the conscience of the vast majority of the people of the United States. Instead of telling religious people to leave, tell those who are disattisfied with majority rule to hit the road.

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