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Hate State…

I am so proud. Texas has 50 hate groups in the state. Yes, 50. One of 3 states with more than 40 listed. [via Silfray Hraka]

Did I ever mention that I had a blind date in High School with a Neo-Nazi? Yes, and it freaked me out too. My friend David set me up with one of his friends. Nice guy when I talked to him, cute when I first met him. Then we start talking… and he tells me that while he had reservations about going out with me because I am Catholic, he decided it was ok because I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and I was definitely part of the Aryan race. Whathuh??? Yes. I met his Aryan race criteria. However, he was disappointed when I told him that he was insane and that I felt that his beliefs were off the scale as far as being wrong. Simply insane.

The date ended shortly after that and I refused to ever speak to him again. I yelled at David because there was no way he didn’t know how the guy felt, and he should have known better than to set me up with him. Yes, my one fledgling encounter with a Neo-Nazi. Thankfully, it was my last.

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Hey Sweetie…

Sorry to hear that it didn’t go well. I was so excited to hear that you had a date when I spoke with you last night. It’s a shame that there are people who have such a narrow view of the world.

Wow, that has got to be one of the worst blind dates I’ve heard of!

In my opinion that statistic would be more telling if it was adjusted for relative population. Texas is one of the biggest states, so as just a matter of probablity we’re going to have more wackos.

Oh, wow. This world is filled with so much hate. Most of it is ignorance. I honestly wish the government would put more money into early childhood education,multiculture studies, etc.

However, I do belive in Karma. I would really hate to be around when it comes back to these groups.

Rannie – the Neo-Nazi date was in 1986. 🙂 Loooooong ago when I was still in High School! My dinner plans for last night on the other hand were simply lovely and I had a wonderful time just like I knew I would…

Wow that’s hard to believe because every time I go to Texas everyone is really cool. uh-oh, of course I am as cracker and they come (white guy, light brown hair, green eyes, well spoken, big eyebrows, big tipper). Nevermind. Ya bunch of bigots….jk

The only consolation I can draw from this is that, since Texas is so large, that just has to be a statistical consequence. (And I’d still take Kentucky over Texas most days, though I’m learning to love the Lone Star. Slowly.)

And they were SO there having breakfast. Oh, whoops, wrong thread.

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