Hate to Say I Told You So…

I have said, since I started watching The Amazing Race, that Team Dildo, er, I mean Guido would make it to the final group of teams. That is why they have been hyped so much. That is why, when they did the editing for the air, they made us hate them. They made sure there would be one team that everyone loathes. I still wonder if they will be the winners – I hope not, I am big fans of Frank & Margarita, but … with the hype I am just not sure. Drew & Kevin’s luck tonight sucked. I think, to be honest, that their size slowed them down on those motorcycles, and then the rickshaw added to that. I will say I was impressed with that rickshaw driver who was keeping up with the Guido’s quite well. How *hysterical* did Kevin look, crammed in that little motorcycle side car? I was cracking up. When Frank & Margarita got the instructions to eat that stuff from the market … I knew that would be a great point for Drew & Kevin – come on, the “Frat Brothers”? Eating contests are nothing to those guys, right? (How stereotypical of me…) And they did make up ground there, but … Guidos had their dictionaries, ended up being able to communicate more effectively with their cab driver, and … made it to 3rd place. How about Brennan’s horrid game of ping pong? More laughter, as he said “oh, we have a table, so we are good…” and then was down what, 14 to 1 when Rob took over, broken knuckle and all, to finally get them to 5 points? Frank *rocked* on that. And Margarita having to eat that stuff? Yes, I am a super picky eater. I would have been gagging on every single bite. That was smart of them to unburden themselves by getting rid of the heavy backpacks too, but they have who knows what ahead of them, I hope they don’t suffer because of the items they left behind. They are still my favorites and I really want to see them win. Go Frank & Margarita! (Yep, margaritas are what I will drink when I play Promo’s TAR drinking game! Go Margarita!)

Did I believe for a little while that during tonight’s episode Drew & Kevin had a chance? Yes. But I knew, deep down inside, that they were going to be gone. When they leave the pit-stop next week, the first two teams while have a *huge* lead on the Guidos still, but as Team Guido (Team Guido Sucks!) pointed out tonight, the airport is the great equalizer. Without that they would have been out tonight. Oh well, Drew & Kevin will be missed. But … the race will go on. Team Guido Sucks!

I feel much better after vegging in front of the TV for The Amazing Race and Law & Order. Watched the news and discovered they are doing a migraine study – and since that is what I had by 6pm tonight, I called already and left a message to find out about signing up! They are testing out having people wear red/orange contacts to cut down on light sensitivity. 27 out of 30 people studied so far reported their migraines being gone within 30 minutes average (the range being 5 minutes to 40 minutes.) Heck, if I can’t get in on the study, just let me buy the contacts! Anyways, crashed by 10:40pm but woke up a little bit ago due to the storm. I feel sooooo much better, just a tinge of the migraine left. Got the crisis of the day worked out too, before TAR, so that helped out a lot! Now it’s back to bed, curled up under the warm covers – it’s cold tonight! Our houses are not built for the cold weather, they are not insulated right for it – so when it’s down in the 30s like tonight it’s nippy! And I haven’t turned my heat on yet because it’s not that cold in here (it’s a nice switch after it being so hot) plus it’s going to be back up in the 70s by Friday! Ahhhh, gotta love Houston. I can hear the sleet hitting the window now, and they say we may even get SNOW in the morning! Whoo hoo!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

5 replies on “Hate to Say I Told You So…”

i know you’re right – it HAD to happen, but i SOO didn’t want Bert and Ernie to make it to the final 3. ugggh! and I really really liked Drew and Kevin. so bah!

now I must go watch Law and Order and remind myself that it’s only a game and of no consequence to me regardless – haha!

p.s. good luck getting into the migrane study!

Thanks for the details, Christine. Sounds like we both had auuuuuughhhhh day yesterday. Finally slept despite tossing and turning and waking at 2am. Can you email study info to me? I supposedly have migraines without the headache — in form of dizziness and light sensitivity. Glad you’re feeling better. Why did Margarita eat the food instead of Frank? I wonder if they are still together.

The Big Easy hasn’t been easy so far!

Man, what a great episode. And thanks for the link to my drinking game – all are welcome to add to it. But wow, I am glad I didn’t play it – wayyyy too many yellow flags.

I’m glad T.G. made it to the final 3, it should make their defeat even sweeter -muh wah ha haaaa!

And I don’t have migraines, but I would love red contacts!

Thought this was cool, I was just listening to Rosie and the frat guys were on. One of them proposed to his girlfriend in the audience. (the taller guy – no glasses)

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