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Haul U-Haul Haul…

After a long day at work, Mike and I decided to meet at Josephine’s for dinner. Yummmm… As we finished eating, I noticed a gorgeous sunset was taking place on the edge of town – so he sent me off to chase it to hopefully get photos of it from the same place I took my last skyline photo. (I got some, I’ll post them soon.) We decided to go to Kaveh Kane’s afterwards to hang out. Yes, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a Friday night, typing this.

I met up with him here after my photo shoot, and there was a man sitting over by the bar. I kept looking at him, over and over. I knew I knew who he was. I definitely recognized him, but I had no clue why. Who was he? Why did he look so familiar? Finally I overheard mention the Flying Fish Sailors. Mike and I looked at each other and said, “Oh! The Flying Fish Sailors!” We heard them last year at the Renaissance Festival and they were FANTASTIC!

Being the geek that I am, I had to go up and say hi and tell him about my confusion over not being able to figure out who he is. Turns out that he is the host of a radio talk show, and he invites all the fans out to Kaveh Kane’s once a month to hang out. We just so happened to hit fan night.

Good food at Josephine’s and now this … this night is really making up for the day I had! Now I want a copy of their CD so hopefully I can get this Haul U-Haul Hual song out of my head… (Psst… you DVN fans will probably love these guys!)

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Most of the recording gear I used for the Lager Rhythms came from Jay’s bandmate Joe. They are all extremely nice guys (although some of them might be loathe to admit it).

When they play club dates, they can bring out some music that doesn’t make the Renn Fest cut. I hear they plan to have a new CD out for this year’s TRF, too.

Yes! He said they are in the studio right now, and are planning the launch party in downtown at the Continental Club on September 26th – the night before my birthday! I can’t wait!

I need to watch for their local gigs – I don’t want to have to wait until October to hear them again!

Since nobody mentioned it, our web site is
The next show is going to be the CD release party which is penciled in for Sept. 26 at the fabulous Continental Club
Check the web site for updates.
On a side note, The Dazzling Pete Gray of The El Orbitshas graciously agreed to lay down a piano and vocal track on one of the songs appearing on the new album. It is going to be great.
The next geek gathering for Technology Bytes is going to be at Kaveh Kanes on Friday, Aug. 1. All are invited and admission is free.

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