Heading for the Trash…

The other day I got an e-mail from my ex-husband’s wife #3. (I was #1, back when I was 21 and he was 24.) For some bizarre reason, I think she’s convinced I want him back. This is based on her own comments to me last fall when I attempted to contact him after September 11th to see if he had been deployed – he’s still in the Army, and I was concerned. No point in going over all that again, because it was never the case – care & concern doesn’t mean you want someone back. We separated at the end of 1991. We were divorced in 1993. 10 years have passed. And I never once wanted to get back together with him – even though he is a wonderful guy. But I’m babbling now. She selected me as the first recipient of the e-mail, and inside she had included 4 or 5 studio portraits of them – they renewed their wedding vows today. I guess they didn’t have a big wedding last year, since it was pretty whirlwind after finding out that she was pregnant. So for their one year anniversary they renewed their vows. I was talking to Chelsey’s boyfriend, Doug, last night and he said, “Why are they renewing their vows? Did they forget them?” That cracked me up. But then I realized – maybe that’s the trick to make his marriages last!

None of this really has much of anything to do with the original point of this post. In doing a bunch of housework last night I came across a box of stuff. Going through the box, I discovered it had most of the cards we had received when we got married back in 1990. Tonight they are going in to the trash. If I come across one from my Grandma S. or Grandpa & Grandma Z., those might be saved. All the rest are heading for the trash. Seems the fitting thing to do as he & wife #3 renew their vows. She may not believe it, but I truly and sincerely wish them nothing but the very best.

By Christine

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some women are just that way. they always think that we want our ex’s back. i would not take mine back in a million years even if he won the lottery and became a saint. clean your house and let it all go. she has trust issues with him, not you, that’s why you were first. maybe she thinks that he might want you back as well.

I personally would not take my ex-husband back if he came and begged me on his hands and knees, showed me tons of money, and even offered me box seat season tickets for the Red Sox. He wasn’t a very nice person, and whatever bimbo he is boinking this week is more than welcome to him! 🙂

I am re-married now, and Mike has also been married before. She dumped him because he was in school and had no job. Since then, he has gotten his degree, has a well-paying job, and I bet she’d take him back in a heartbeat now if only he’d make the offer. But I know that he never will. She was never a threat to me….ever.

Vow renewals…not such a bad thing…but only after a year? Ridiculous! This would be something Mike and I might do on our 10th anniversary, maybe.

And it would only mean something to us if the same officiant would do it. As it is now, we are about to celebrate out second anniversary, and once again we are going back to the place where we eloped to…York Beach, Maine. A B&B owned by a very nice man who is also a JP…he did our wedding in the garden of his house, and he gives us the same room every time we visit (we go up for weekends a lot, too!).

So, if Dan Duffy is not available to officiate our renewals on July 22, 2010…we’re not doing it! 🙂

And BTW…throw all that stuff out! Ex left a lot of his stuff here, and I got rid of it, as well. I even sold the rings to a pawn shop…didn’t want them around anymore, and I needed the money more!

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