Help Hurricane Katrina Victims…

There is a good list of charity options to help Hurricane Katrina Victims here. [via Shutterblog.] If you are in the Houston area and want to help the refugees that have made it here, a more “local” list can be found at the SciGuy blog on the Houston Chronicle site – the latest list is here.

Michelle sent out the information on the Red Cross shelter on the Northwest side of Houston at Spring Tabernacle on FM 2920 near I-45. They are taking donations, including clothes. I will be doing another closet cleaning pass tomorrow – the things I own seem a lot less important when I think of the people that now own nothing – and taking things over there this weekend.

By Christine

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Help Hurricane Katrina Victims
UPDATE: The list was updated and reorganized on August 31, 2005 in the AM. This post was originally published on 08-30-2005 at 08:21 AM. Government agencies and private relief organizations are mounting what the Washington Times reports is the largest

Hi Christine,

Don’t take your stuff to Tabernacle. Cheryl went there today and they are no longer taking donations. They are overflowing and don’t have the volunteers to handle all of it.

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