Here Comes the Bride…

I have both wedding updates and house updates. It’s too much to go through in one sitting, so I’ll run through wedding plans for now. House stuff can wait until we look at more houses.

The Date
For some reason, we both suggested May. It’s before the full heat of summer, it’s not a busy month like April (Mike & Jason are both April birthdays) and so we decided to go with May. At first we were talking about May 22nd, but then realized that Jason has finals May 24th – 26th or so. That made us shift to May 29th. Good, more time for out of town guests to be off work. Surprisingly, a lot of venues were still available for that date.

The Location
We looked at and considered a lot of locations. Downtown was where we initially started – we met there, we work there, he proposed to me there. We really like spending time in downtown. However, downtown is pricey. Ouch. The Majestic Metro was almost $4000 for the location alone, and you still have to pay for catering – and they now require that you use a caterer with a certified kitchen. Bling bling. The Lancaster was really high too, and the area where they hold weddings only seats 35 people – the rest are in the balcony on the second floor looking down. No. From there we started to look at Galveston. We both really like the island, especially for the historic feel. At this time we have our sights set on having the wedding ceremony at St. Joseph Church, which is no longer a church – it is now a historic site – and the reception at the Tremont House, just off of the Strand. We have to finalize that within the next week or two. We are having a “Destination Wedding” at a close-to-home destination.

The Time
We are thinking about having the ceremony at 4:00 pm, reception from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. Time enough for people to drive back to Houston or to hang out on the island for a little bit before heading home later that night.

The People
Mike asked his brother to be the best man and one of his best friends from high school to be the groomsman. He will be asking his other two friends from high school to be ushers.

I asked Chelsey to be my maid of honor and Kymberlie to be my bridesmaid. My Dad will walk me down the aisle.

The Kids
Flowergirl: I’m not having one. I know one girl in the right age range, but I just don’t need a flowergirl. I want to keep things somewhat simple.
Ringbearer: Jason. Chelsey said he is too old, but I can’t find information on what is considered the “right” age range. It’s right for us, and that is what matters.
Other Kids: We believe in child-free weddings.

The Photographer
Photographs are really important to me, and there are certain styles that I really love. A few years ago, Rannie took pictures at a wedding that I loved. I asked him back then (before I even met Mike) if he would photograph my wedding if I was to get married again. He said all I had to do was provide the plane ticket. We are planning on providing the hotel room too – plus the cost of film. I will get to “own” my photos, and someone we care about will be an important part of the day. Perfect.

The Attire
I accidentally found a dress just days after we got engaged. I know what you’re thinking – accident? Yes, it was an accident. I was mad at the bridal industry because I had indulged in a wedding magazine, and all of the dresses in it were strapless or sleveless. No way I was wearing one of those. So on a whim I went in to a store to see if they had anything with sleeves. They do, but not much. Maybe 10 dresses. Seriously. However, this store had a dress on the rack that fit me. In stock. Not a size 4 dress, but one I could try on and zip. It was gorgeous. I bought it later that week. I also have a tiara.

Mike and the groomsmen will wear black tuxedos, but the simple ones – nothing too fancy. They were going to complement their professional outlook with mens leather briefcase from Blaxton Bags.

I have no clue what the bridesmaids are going to wear. I have thought of a variety of things though – for example, they could just buy their own basic black cocktail dresses. (No, I actually don’t care if they match.) There is a dress that I found in a catalog this weekend that would look great with my dress, but I’m just not sure about the colors. There are tops and matching skirts that would also go well with my dress, and I like the colors a little better. I think they will be a better fit too. We have to decide soon though – it is about a 3 month turnaround on them, and then we will need time for alterations probably.

I don’t care what the guests wear, as long as they don’t try to wear their swimsuits to the wedding.

The Colors
Chelsey came over after Stars on Ice last Friday and spent the night. Saturday morning she asked me what my colors were for the wedding. Uhm, hello? It’s like 4 months away. You expect me to have colors picked? Ok, not really – I know I need to because the dresses need to be ordered. However, I actually don’t care. The fabrics that the dresses are available in will dictate my colors probably more than anything. Well, that and the flowers. Chelsey told me that I was wrong for picking out plum and dark heather purple for possible colors because it is a spring wedding. She then told me she refuses to wear periwinkle – which I happen to really like. Have you seen the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial where the bride is like a drill sargent? Yeah, I almost had that moment. “You WILL wear what I tell you to wear…” Personally, I don’t think anyone would care if they wore purple in the evening, whether it is spring/summer or not.

The Flowers
Originally, I was going to go with red roses. The more I look at the glossy, pretty magazines, I realize that I really like the flowers in the pink/fuschia/purple range and I will probably go with those. Well, if they work with the dress colors. Ugh.

The Cake
The Cake Lady in Pearland. Yummmmm… (looking for a wedding cake or any other kind of cake in Houston? I highly, highly recommend her!) There will be no seashell cakes though.

The Invitations
Simple. Classic. Elegant. I think we should include both sets of parents names on the invitation. RSVP cards. I will probably just have a “Reception to follow” note on the invitation itself instead of separate reception cards. Is that ok? (Now I’ll have to check on the protocol for that…) I shocked Chelsey by not knowing what “my colors” were, and she asked me how I would pick the invitations without knowing that. Easy – the envelopes will be lined with white or silver. Done!

Ceremony Fluff
I don’t want to add a lot of details because I will worry more then about what will go wrong. Trust me, it will go wrong.

The Officiant
Key detail, and yet the one item I have no clue about. Well, that and a DJ for the reception.

The Registry
Hmmm… need to pick those too. Probably one department store and one specialty store? Foleys and Williams Sonoma? Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target? Best Buy? Fry’s? (Ok, so they don’t do registries – but they should!)

The Departure

The Rehearsal Dinner
We were going to have it at Josephine’s in downtown Houston, but with the wedding in Galveston, I think we will have it down there instead. We need to scout out a location.

The Sunday Brunch
I’m assuming we will do this at the Tremont House, but that still needs to be finalized.

The Honeymoon
A variety of locations have come up, ranging from Europe to Alaska to the Pacific Northwest to Hawaii. Mike has said he will be focusing on planning this.

Whew! I think that is everything! Actually – it hasn’t really been that hard to plan this far. Venues took the most time, and even that was easy because we had a good idea of what we both wanted. I anticipate that the dress style & color issue will be the hardest thing to decide, but even that isn’t a huge thing for me – I am easy to please for the most part. Now it’s time to get in to planning the finer details! Any suggestions? What am I forgetting?

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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WOW!! you have thought of everything in pretty much no time flat. like i told you at dinner time, none of my colors matched. i had eggshell yellow dresses and fire and ice roses for the bridesmaids. i had white roses and stephanotis flowers for my bouquet. the flower arrangements for the centerpieces and the alter were a mix-match. my invitation was in a maroon ink with a glossy pearly lining.

i think you mentioned you didn’t have a DJ. i could give you the name of my DJ. do you have a price range? my DJ was VERY good at announcing the reception and stuck to a strict schedule. they were more on top of things than everyone else!

are you giving anything away to your guests? you don’t have to. i gave away shot glasses with my name and Tom’s name and the date of our wedding etched on it. we also had bubbles when we were whisked away in our psuedo limo (which was really a tiny hyundai rental car of Tom’s friends – who came in from out of town). i also made programs to be passed out during the ceremony. since you’re only having a 20+ min. one, you probably don’t need one. i had a traditional Catholic wedding – two hours with the singing and the standing and the kneeling.

garter? throw-away bouquet (for the single women)?

i can dig up my ring pillow if you want to borrow it.

that’s all i can think of!

Probably not doing a give-away. (I mean, I could do the new soap line, but that wouldn’t really be appropriate now, would it?) Planning on doing bubbles. Could use the name of the DJ – I have two names from the hotel too. And I would love to see the ring pillow! (I forgot to actually answer you earlier!) I have a pattern to make one – and I might do that – but it is good to have options!

Of course you will need to put cameras on the tables at the reception dinner with instructions for guests to hold the cameras at arm’s length, pointing toward themselves, and click.

Oh, and register with, too (unless guests from far out-of-town are invited).

Really? I had never heard that before about the clock.

I am planning on registering at or another online registry option for that very reason – although guests from far out-of-town will be invited!

*cough* I’m a legally ordained minister for the Universal Life Church, and I have actually performed a wedding *cough* I’m just saying… Oh, and I had heard that about the clock – that’s why we got married at 4:30. If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll send you a picture of my fleurs; it might give you some ideas, since it appears we like the same colors. 🙂

*sniff* Getting teary just reading all of this. Gads, I’m so excited for y’all! 🙂

What about rings? We had to order hubby’s a full month before the wedding.

Jason can be a ringbearer, until he’s 13 or so. Then he rolls over to the jr. usher age. 😉

Definitely register at Target. Then everyone can send you gifties.

Have a great weekend!

sounds like you’ve got everything covered. don’t laugh, but my ex-sister-in-law got married at st. arnold’s brewery. she married the owener of defalco’s homebrewing store and i guess they know the people at the brewery. that is a unique wedding venue, huh?

weddings are so much fun! And you’ve got a great start on what you want.

My best friend is getting married again this year (the first wedding was at the JP’s and the marriage was a disaster — she hung in there WAY too long), so this time she wants the whole thing! And my husband’s aunt is in her late 50s and has been living with her “boyfriend” for ten years and has decided to make it “official” this year. It’s been ten years since mine, and it’s so much fun to have vicarious wedding planning again!

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