Hosting Amusement!!!

I moved to VeoWeb this summer, and for a long time, no problems – or if I had problems then I received fast support response. Until recently. Today is the kicker though. First of all, most of the day none of us hosted on VeoWeb could run Greymatter to add posts. I could post comments, but I couldn’t post a regular entry. Everyone else that I talked to had the same problem. Jennifer mentioned the other day that she was having e-mail problems, but I thought my e-mail was working fine – until I sent a message from my work e-mail … and it never arrived! Then Naomi sent me a message on Friday – and it didn’t arrive too! So Friday night I sent Support and e-mail about it. No response. Today I sent them an e-mail about the CGI problem – and got the exact same e-mail that Stef and others did. Love getting a “form” letter, but at least they fixed the problem. Then I wrote back and asked what was up with the e-mail situation. I backed up everything already, before I posted this, just to be safe. *wink*

Their first e-mail about the situation:

Which domain did she send this e-mail to? (C: I have several domains hosted here)

My response:

I sent one to from my work e-mail on Thursday. My work e-mail runs through Notes, and I have sent e-mail to before with no problem.

I have received calls from 2 friends that sent mail to my main domain between Thurs. & Fri. – again, not received on my end, one was sent from a “virtual domain” like the problems in the past. One was sent from a standard ISP account.

I have no idea how many other e-mails didn’t make it. The 24 hours of no e-mail last weekend were on all of my accounts.

(Yes, I went over 24 hours last weekend with no e-mail. Wasn’t here, so I didn’t notice until it was already fixed.)

THEIR RESPONSE: (This is also known as the straw that broke the camel’s back)

We were able to receive email and think this is a local ISP problem.
A) You can logon to see if this was responded to.
B) If you can not receive email to that account, please send from an off-network email account in the future.

So let me get this right – I am now responsible for monitoring my e-mail to see if I can not receive e-mail to an account? AND … HOW is this a local ISP problem? Jennifer is using one ISP, Naomi is using a different, and my company is using another e-mail!!!


HOW could it be a local ISP problem when we are talking about NUMEROUS e-mails sent from MANY different accounts? And when *I* am the ONLY person NOT receiving the e-mails? We are talking about e-mails sent from FOUR different people, PLUS some sent from another VeoWeb customer!!! Yeah, sure – blame the “local ISP” – problem is the e-mails were sent from people across the country. NOT just one ISP!!!

Get a grip.

I am sorry – *I* have worked tech support for an ISP before. I see a pattern here – a constant problem with your mail servers. From the DAY I signed up. Mail servers which someone must have decided needed to be rebooted – I *just* got an e-mail the the asst. Den leader of our scout troop told me today that he sent to me yesterday … dated with yesterday’s information. I am sure THAT is his ISP’s fault too? Yeah, ok, RIGHT.

I am so impressed with this response that it’s not even funny. Phones will be ringing & heads will be spinning Monday if you can’t come up with something better than “this is a local ISP problem”. NOT when we are talking NUMEROUS ISP’s and the only person that can’t receive the e-mails is *ME* with my e-mail accounts hosted by VeoWeb!!! Sorry, when 3 other people get the e-mail & I don’t – it’s NOT the other ISP’s fault. No way.

I have done my best to remain patient & understanding, I *know* customer support is not a fun job. I do it 5 days a week. But this response has me laughing so hard it’s not funny … hello, I have worked in the web industry since 1996. I am NOT some rookie novice who has no clue. I work for a design firm and we host 200+ clients internally – our mail servers are running just fine. Everyone else e-mailed on Thursday received my e-mail with no problems. Oh, it must have been a 30 second glitch that just prevented the e-mail to from coming through. Uh huh. And pigs can fly. Can you tell I have reached the end of my rope? Good observation.

By Christine

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