Houston Elections and a Biting Issue…

There will now be a runoff for the Houston Mayor. It is my understanding (I could have it wrong…) that to win the seat in Houston you must have over 50% of the vote, and Mayor Lee Brown had 43% of the vote with Orlando Sanchez having 41% of the vote. (More on the results here at the Houston Chronicle’s site.) I heard on the news today that this is the first time in history that two minority candidates have had a run-off for Mayor, not just in Houston but in the nation (as far as major cities go.) Also on our ballot, same sex benefits for partners of city workers were voted down.

As for the biting issue – I just got back from the dentist. My first root canal. And I was scared, very scared … and it didn’t hurt at all. Not a BIT. Yeah! And he didn’t numb me so that I can’t feel half of my face or anything like that – my lip is a tiny bit numb right in the corner and I can feel a little numbness in my cheek on the left side. That’s it! I adore my dentist. He’s so wonderful! So if you were bad like me and have put off going to the dentist … go. Just do it. I procrastinated and ended up having to have periodontal treatment, which is going really well too. My pockets that were 4’s are now 2’s. So go to the dentist – your teeth will be so much better for it!

By Christine

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mmm…what I remember from my root canal (15 years ago – YIKES!!!) was (in addition to the novacaine) the dentist coming in and asking me if I wanted to get “high”… and then he gave me nitrous oxide… Sign me up! 😉

I need to go to the dentist so badly. The last time I was in, I had eight cavaties and needed all my wisdom teeth taken out. That was two years ago…

It totally chaps my hide that the gay rights thing failed. I would think in a city as progressive as houston people wouldn’t be so narrow minded. But maybe it was the confusing wording. I can only hope.

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