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How Did I Miss This?

In case you ever wondered about all that spam that you receive (I promise, *I* did NOT send it to you!), this guy has created a blog to track his testing to find out the answer to the ultimate question … Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes…

[via Ernie the Attorney]

By Christine

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19 replies on “How Did I Miss This?”

Reading that site was amusing at first, quickly progressed into being kinda sad.

At what point — between kneading his junk (while brushing his teeth, no less) and trying to remember to take his daily barrage of pills — does the guy just decide that what he’s got will have to do?

I will keep his email on file for when I market my “solution for patchy beards” product; he’s sure to buy a several-month supply. A man just isn’t a man if their stubble is sparse! 😛 🙂

Dennis, you have made some very good points – people in general should accept the body they have instead of trying to make it something different then what it is. I didn’t think about it that way while reading the site though – I only thought of it as, “hey! I’ll try the stuff they are trying to sell and see if it really works!”

Now if only he’d test out the diet pills and patches … I want to know if any of those are worth the time & money!

ROTFL! That has to be some marketer’s play to gain a good reputation.

People are starting to notice that we PAY attention to what people say on their blogs.

That one? He is full of doo-doo.

I want to know if he’s told his girlfriend that he’d doing this. I got the impression that he lives with her. How can he hide his chemical cocktail and cock-nautilus from her 24/7?
BTW, I’m copywriting “cock-nautilus” so don’t even *think* about marketing it without sending me some bling.

Did you know by putting his link on your blog you actually help him her to get a high ranking in google.
If you don’t like this kind of spam like me just take his her link of your site 🙂

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