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Just an Average Jane…

I just remembered that the Tivo is not set to record

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Trust me, if I had a new Tivo, I would *so* have the Home Media option! However, my Tivo is over 3 years old, so it’s not available unless I upgrade.

I won’t upgrade yet, because I’m holding out for a Tivo with the DVD recorder built in – but they have to come down in price first!

I have the old Tivo also. I ran into the same problem. I’m holding out until my Tivo dies before I get the new one. I don’t want to have to buy another lifetime service. I ended up just watching Joe Millionaire. I’m voting for Adam too on Average Joe.

I have it taped, we are getting our DVR after the beginning of the year. With that you can program from any web browser, anywhere. And with the wireless connection I will be able to watch a TV show I taped on any computer. That will come in handy when I’m sick in bed and want to watch yesterday’s Oprah or something! I’m adding this link: so you can see what I’m babbling about. 😉

We watched Joe Millionaire last night. They could have done it in 20 minutes but stretched it to 2 hours. What a waste of time!

I have only seen one episode of Average Joe, but it was enough to make me not like John. He went on some date with her and then sang a cheesy song, and then she gave him a quick kiss and he like totally swooned. Which I guess sounds romantic the way I just told it, but really it was either too overdramatic or he needs to get out more. In this episode it was really sad when she got rid of Dennis L. All the guys got really upset by that decision. Hopefully he’s lining up all the dates now that he’s off the show, because he seemed like a nice guy. And it is totally eerie how much the new guy looks like Joe Millionare!

We are planning on building a computer for it. Total cost with the Snap Stream $400 or so. No monthly fees and I love the extras that come with the wireless option! 🙂 And then hubby can upgrade it if we need a bigger h/d, but I honestly don’t think that we will. It’s been a while since we priced things, looks like it will be next year before we get it, maybe they will go down!

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