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How Does That Work?

Whoa. Dude. My boss, Brian, is always talking about how he’ll hear about something he has never heard of, and then later hear something else about it. I’ve had it happen to me too, but tonight it’s actually documented! I wrote the post earlier about Guilty Pleasures. Ed K. left a comment behind, saying that, “A “guilty pleasure” should be something that was meant to be good, turned out trashy, and became so trashy with time, that it becomes good to laugh at. The ultimate backhanded compliment. “Bluebeard”, starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welsh, and Joey Heatherton … now *THAT’S* a Guilty Pleasure.”

Ok, I’ve never seen “Bluebeard”. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it.

Now I’m watching “Mr. Wrong” on the Tivo. I recorded it one night in a fit of insanity. This guy asks Ellen if she wants to “come over after work tonight – they’re doing a worst of Richard Burton film festival over at San Diego State. We could see “Bluebeard” with Joey Heatherton.”

Yes, I paused the Tivo just so I could write this post. The psychic vibes were too strong to not document them properly.

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One reply on “How Does That Work?”

OMG!!! HAHAHA!! And I’ve never seen “Mr. Wrong”. Now you’ve picked my interest to go see it.

For the record: “Bluebeard” was a movie from the late 1960’s. It was supposed to be a glamorous biopic of the legend of the WWI notorious womanizer who killed all his wives, with Burton in the lead role. It starred a boatload of bad European actresses of that era, (including Virna Lisi, Natalie Delon, Marilu Tolo, and Sybil Danning as the prostitute!), in addition to Welch, and Heatherton. But in terms of bad acting, Joey Heatherton basically steals the show from all the other starlets. And *that’s* pretty bad! (You haven’t lived until you’ve seen her attempt to dance a Charleston, by way of a watusi.)

I saw it on TV years ago, and became semi-obsessed with it. I later found a place that had a copy at my local college video store, only to see the place eventually go out of business. (R.I.P. Dodd’s Video File, Denton, Texas – near the UNT and TWU campuses)
Thank god I was able to request it to be on the shelf at Premiere Video in Dallas. For all those in the Dallas area, I reccomend that you run and rent it now. It really *is* that craptacular.

Our Next Lesson re: classics from the pantheon of ‘Cinema Le Bad’ will consist of the celluloid delight:

“The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield”

Now if *that* one comes up in conversation, then I’ll truly be impressed.

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