Way to go, Astros!

After the baseball strike fiasco, I really didn’t think I would attend a major league baseball game any time soon. But Jason sold the most Entertainment Books for his school fundraiser, and we had 4 tickets for tonight’s Astros game. I put aside my feelings about the strike and we headed downtown to Minute Maid Park (which I still call Enron Field, I don’t care what name they have on the sign.)

The weather today was *gorgeous*. The first thing I said to Kymberlie this morning was, “I’m going to a ballgame!” My attitude the rest of the day? I didn’t care about a thing. You could have stuck needles under my nails, and I would have just dealt with it. The weather was amazing and I was heading to the ballpark.

It was a great game – the Astros WON 8-6 over the Brewers, fantastic weather, and I even took pictures (a teaser is here and there is more coming soon). Jason & I went with my Dad, and it was fun yelling at the players from the nosebleed seats. I don’t care what you say – I know they can hear me when I’m up there yellling at them.

As an added bonus, they are giving out all of the schwag they didn’t get rid of earlier this year – so we got t-shirts and Hot Wheels cars. What more could you ask for? The best way to kick-off birthday week, and since I haven’t been to a game all year it was nice to visit the park. I love Enron Field. (There, I admitted that I love something in Houston – try not to faint.)

They have buy one – get one free tickets for Tuesday & Wednesday night – and it’s still fan appreciation week so there is more goodies to be had – anyone up for going to a game? No, really. Obviously this only works out though if you’re in Houston though… unless you can get here fast!

By Christine

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And you have our former manager, Jimy Williams! Yes, that is *Jimy* with one *M*. I hope he’s doing well…he is a good manager, and was unjustly fired by the old Red Sox ownership.

I really liked Jimy. I’m still pissed off that the Sox fired him. I wish him the best.

As much as I would love to come down and say hi to Jimy…I don’t fly, and even if I did, I don’t have the time right now.

I wish Fenway Park was more like you describe…affordable, modern, and more pleasant! As much as I love the Sox, we are not buying tix for a while…we already spent the money on the Scotia Prince cruise, and the only games we plan to attend next year will be those of the Portland Sea Dogs!

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