How to Choose a President…

If they offered Lowercase Tees in something other than toddler sizes, I would *so* buy one for Jason. Then again, probably wouldn’t be wise as a mother to send him out in public in Texas wearing one of those. But I would want to. I would really, really want to get one for him. [via Dooce]

Although an interesting thing happened last week when I was mailing off my voter registration address change. (I almost forgot, but I have since learned I could have voted in my old precinct if I signed an affidavit.) Jason is living in a household with people that are not pro-Bush, with relatives that are not pro-Bush, and yet he was surprised the other day when I said I was going to vote for Kerry. He actually gasped. When I asked him why he thought I should vote for Bush, he couldn’t give me an answer at first, and then he told me that I should vote for him because he is the current president. It was a great opening for a discussion on how you should choose what candidate you vote for and I hope to educate him more on the candidates and their campaign platforms before the election is over.

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Yes, I told him why I was voting for Kerry – and the answer to that is never “because he’s not Bush”. While I’ve expressed my anti-Bush sentiment more than once, there is a lot more than it to that. Granted, there is a snowball’s chance in hell that I would vote for Bush, but I also have a long list of reasons to vote for Kerry.

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