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How to Sell a Book about Weird Girls…

whygirlsareweird.jpgLast week, I had my annual “chick check” appointment. I would like to remind everyone that annual exams are very, very important. However, that’s not the point of this post.

After my exam, I needed to go to the lab to have some bloodwork drawn. It was lunchtime though, and I knew that the line at the lab would be long – so I decided to grab a bite at Pappa’s BBQ first. While there, I finally started to read “Why Girls are Weird” by Pamela Ribon, aka Pamie. Kathy had picked up a copy for me in July when Pamela was in town for a book signing. Having a signed book that says “Hey Christine – you’re hot! Call me!” makes me happy. Very happy, in a good giggly way. (I missed the book signing because I was at a baseball game with my family – Walgreen’s had a night out at the ballpark, and I couldn’t miss it.)

So, I start reading the book. The title and cover alone are amusing, but the real charm of this book for me is that it is written as if it was a journal or a blog. (A blournal? No, that’s just wrong.) Instead of chapters, it is divided in to sections with numbers – 000001, etc. It’s great. Absolutely wonderful to anyone who has blogged.

I was anxious to dig in, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The very first “entry” was about Anna K., the book’s main character, and her perverted Barbie clan. I laughed so hard I had to put the book down so that I could breath again. Seriously. I could relate to every word.

I used to have a Malibu Barbie – she had a tan body with painted on tan lines where her swimsuit was. I got creative and scratched off the paint where she should have had nipples and pubic hair. (Granted, Barbie may may go for the Brazilian Wax these days, but back then – she had pubic hair.) I though it was ridiculous that Barbie didn’t have nipples and pubic hair. Come on, if we’re going to be realistic and give her tan lines, let’s give her the rest of the package too.

I also had the Donny Osmond Barbie, just like Anna K. I preferred men with dark hair, and Ken was just a bit too blond for my taste. I traded with a friend of mine – she liked Ken, so I got her Donny. He has a hole in his hand for the microphone, which is a bit odd – but I dealt with it. Donny liked to get it on with the hot Malibu Barbie chick. Oh yeah…

Once I regained my composure and stopped reminiscing about my perverted Barbies (including puberty Skipper that grew boobs if you twisted her arm), I read some more and finished my lunch – without choking, which was quite a feat from all the laughter. As I stood up to leave, the women at the table across from me stopped me to ask what book I was reading. They said that they could tell I was really enjoying it a lot, and they wanted to get it too.

So that’s my trick for Pamela to sell more books. Just plant people around the country and have them read the book in public places, and their roar of laughter will get others to ask about it. Meanwhile, if you have blogged for any amount of time at all, I highly recommend you get this book. If you have blogged for a long time, you’ve gone through the different stages of blogging just like Anna K. – and you will appreciate it even more.

It left me thinking a lot about my site, the blogging world, the drama, the laughter, the tears. There are many good things about having a public site – and at times, there are bad. In the end, we grow, we change, and hopefully we become better because of it all.

Now, go get a copy of “Why Girls are Weird” and laugh yourself silly, just like I did. I love a good book – and this is one of them. I didn’t want to put it down, I dreaded it when I reached the end. Fortunately, I can still get a taste of Pamela’s writing by reading her journal and her blog. I just hope that a sequel comes out to the book – I just have to know what happens to Anna K!

And really, it’s ok to admit it – you know you did perverted stuff with your Barbie’s too. Come on, there is no reason to be ashamed…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I’ve been a long time fan. You can see a lot of references to classic pamie posts in that book.

But there are a lot of classic pamie posts that didn’t make the book. She takes requests. If you ask her to revive one of her classics she might do it.

i had the donny and marie dolls too! donny osmond was my first crush. he and his purple socks stole my heart.

the only problem i have with the blogging community as a whole is that i read about all of these good books that i have to read, but most of my reading is a technical database or programming book. i am such a geek it is beyond description! i have got to start reading for fun again.

The only strange thing I did with Barbies (my sister’s Barbies mind you) was make them the enemy for my GI Joe’s and to blow up them up with M-80’s like they were stepping on landmines and setting them on fire…I know there’s some deep seeded psychological b.s. response to that but I have given up setting Barbies on fire and blowing them up a long time ago, no therapy necessary…I think…

it is THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! and i’m so glad i got to meet her. nanny nanny booboo! i have a picture with her! 😛

however, i didn’t know she had a blog – i must catch up on it!!!

(of course, i did the big no-no and got her confused with Beth/ how awful of me!)

Can someone make my boobs grow when you twist my arm?

I LOVED that book as well. I read it while recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, and I wrote her an email. She wrote me back in her usual hilarious style, reminiscing on her wisdom teeth removal days. She’s such a great character — and what a hoot!

That whole in Donny’s hand was for the microphone?! I always figured it was for … something else.

My wife had all the best Barbies. She & her sister would cut off their hair and put them in trailer parks. There was “Crack Whore Barbie” and her pimp Le Ken and lot’s of other characters.

I never did that stuff with my Barbies. They did kiss, though…Barbie and Skipper got a make-out groove on quite a few times before I knew what two chicks could actually do to each other. My brothers, however, took liberties with all my Barbies and Kens. Seemed each time I left the room and returned later, I’d find the lot of them in compromising positions.

Haven’t finished reading the post and I’m already convinced I must buy the book – damn but I was just at Barnes & Noble before seeing your trackback ping!

Re: Blournal — How about a Jog?

*L* I thought of something witty to say… but the “jog” comment made me lose it.

I did a playboy spread with my barbie girls on their barbie mobile… then when I was older, we got them into compromising possies with barbie horse in the barbie stable… That was also the time when I started stealing gnomes…

My Barbies certainly had makeout sessions with Ken and G.I. Joe. Yeah, my Barbie had a thing for men in uniforms. LOL.

But the worst Barbie-related thng I ever did was when I cut my Barbie’s ponytail to give her a new bob hairdo and found out she was completely bald on the back of her head. I was mortified and for fear of being found out, I pulled her head off and threw it up on the roof of the house.

My father found the severed Barbie head several months later while cleaning out the gutters. Oh dear…I think that was my last Barbie ever per edict of my mother. 😉

I accidently found that book while waiting to meet an internet love interest at B&N one Sunday. I was fully enjoying it when he came up behind me. I hastily put it away and (since I nearly fell in love right on the spot) forgot all about purchasing it.

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