I Didn’t Do It…

I just deleted a few hundred bounce messages from my e-mail, thanks to a spammer who is spoofing me and using my domain for their reply to address in the spam they are sending out.

If you get spam, I didn’t send it. I promise. I’m not into spam. I’m cringing with each new subject line I read, and it’s been going on since Friday. Ugh. I’m about to test out Spam Arrest to try and cut back on the spam I receive – has anyone tried it? I just need to make sure I can still get my e-mail lists if I use them.

Evil spammers. There had better be a special place in hell for them…

By Christine

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6 replies on “I Didn’t Do It…”

It comes, again and again, unfortunately. Just had another bout of spam bounced back to my domain, too. Maddening! I wish there was a way to verify email out addresses so this wouldn’t happen!

Isn’t Spam Arrest one of those services that if someone mails you, then they get an email from Spam Arrest that you have to click an url to prove you’re a human sender?

“Challenge/Response Keeps Spam Out”

I don’t think people like those much; I know I don’t. I see they allow pre-configuring of good addresses, but to anyone not in your whitelist, they’ll have to jump through Spam Arrest’s hoops to email you.

I used the free version of MailWasher a while back, and it was great. If you’re thinking about paying for a program, I’d choose MailWasher over Spam Arrest.

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