I Finally Gave In…

Katy, Claire & I went to the Kid N’ Ewe sheep & wool festival in Boerne, Texas today. We met up with Julia while we were there and spent the entire day surrounded by fiber, yarn, and spinning. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I’m so glad we got to meet up with Julia – she is an amazing knitter and a fabulous woman. I see a roadtrip to Austin in the not too distant future to see her again. And Tara too! No trip to Austin would be complete without Tara time! (Julia has promised me a link on “knitting backwards” so I don’t have to turn my shawl so often when I start my Entralac knitting someday. Just what I need! No turning is a good thing!)

I didn’t end up with any Brooks Farm Yarn, much to my dismay. The colors they had today in the fibers I wanted … well, it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s ok, they have a website and she said to e-mail if I had any questions. They were very helpful, and the yarns are so beautiful and SOFT – I highly recommend them. (I needed 3 skeins, and it seemed like every color I picked only had 2 skeins today.)

I did end up with something else though. (At a much better price!) *squeal!* I hope that Mac and Natalie will have some tips for me. Any websites I should check out to get started?

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I knew you were going to get a wheel eventually! Hee! Here’s my collection of spinning links on

I highly recommend the one called “bobbin leaders”.

Also, there’ a good spinning community on LiveJournal called spinningfiber. Lots of good advice to be gotten there. I’ve never spun on a Babe wheel, but the same basics should apply. Be sure to keep an eye on your brake tension–too much and it’ll rip the fiber out of your hand, and too little and it won’t wind on. Take your time and relax. Don’t freak if you’re not catching on as fast as you think you should. Start at a high ratio and treadle slowly.

Ha, I am glad you got that spinning wheel. It was one of the cleverest things I ever saw. Let me know when you head this way. There is one other yarn store up in Cedar Park we could hit. I sent the link to backwards knitting to your email. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

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