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I hate it when I’m right. Last night when I heard the news of Elizabeth Smart’s return home, I commented on how the whole situation still left me with a bad vibe. Last summer I just had a feeling that there was more to the story. This morning I commented to one of the attorneys at work that after seeing the clip of her walking behind Brian David Mitchell in a veil and face cloth, I wondered if she had been married to him. I hate it when I’m right about things like that.

She has been through a terrible ordeal, and it’s as if she was taken in to a cult or something similar. I am happy to see her reunited with her family, but it will be a long road to a normal life for her.

By Christine

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it’s all so bizarre. On the news this morning there was a segment with two ‘expert’ psychologists saying that she was showing promising signs and then there was her Mom’s friend saying that Elizabeth is ‘back to normal’. *guffaw* YEA RIGHT! How so. Grr. I think the family just needs a chance to move on.

It really just breaks your heart. You know she’s got to be so confused right now. Not only is she a teenager (when things are always crazy) but she’s been brainwashed. Just very sad. I will just continue to send good thoughts to Elizabeth and her family. They will need it.

she has a long long road of healing ahead of her and I don’t think the media is going to help out in her healing process. but at least she’s alive and her family can start working it all out 🙂

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