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The Web As We Know It…

Not only is today Albert Einstein’s birthday, but NCSA Mosaic for X 0.10 was released 10 years ago today. I still remember the first time I got online in 1995 – it was definitely a life changing experience in many ways. The browser wars were already in full swing by then – I’ve always been an Internet Explorer kind of gal, but I used Netscape first. How about you? When did you first get online? What browser did you use then? What browser do you prefer now? How has the Internet changed your life? (This last topic will come up again as I write more about SXSW.)

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By Christine

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Waaayyy back when my family first got internet access (I’m pretty sure I was in middle school, maybe 6th grade) we had AOL. That only lasted for a year or so and then Dad switched to using a local provider. I remember using Netscape frequently back then, but now I use IE almost exclusively.

I first got online in November of 1997, and was using IE. I’ve also used Netscape, but prefer IE. How has the internet changed my life? LOL! I’m addicted to it now… and addicted to making skins! BAD internet! *smacks computer with a stick*

I guess it was 1995ish can’t remember the year – my brother showed me the internet… He’s like “you’ve got to see this. It’s really cool!” and I pretty much yawned. LOL! The first thing he showed me was some online frog dissection (yes, my whole family is a bunch of geeks! LOL! It runs in the family)

Obviously, I eventually caught on… It took about a year before I made my first web page (1996?) In 1997 I started playing with javascript, and web page stuff for work… the rest is history… Now? It’s my work, it’s my hobby, it’s a huge part of my social life… LOL. (ok, leaving comments when you’ve had too much wine is a BAD BAD thing… STOP ME! There’s more posts I haven’t commented on yet!) 😉

Wow, lots of good questions. When I first got online it was 1995 (I was 25) and I was using Mosaic on an already outdated 16mhz (yes, sixteen!) Macintosh LCII. I switched from that to Netscape 3, then 4.x, and now am using Mozilla. I have never been an IE user. The net has changed my life big-time in more ways than I can count at this hour; career, and I met my husband online (not in a dating service, it was by chance). Wheee, fun! =:D

Started with Navigator 2.0 and use (primarily) Communicator
version 4.80. For obvious reasons Explorer 6 sits quietly on my
desktop in case it’s needed. Guess I’m kinda old school. 🙂

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