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I Have to Admit it, I Don’t Want One…

I know the geekosphere is clamoring for the iPhone. Everyone seems to want one. Well, everyone but me.

I don’t want one, and it is for one very specific reason – the reason that Apple says is the cool thing about it. It has no buttons. No keys for dialing a number. Just a screen. I know from personal experience, that form of phone sucks.

Years ago, I had an attachment that plugged into my Handspring Visor and turned it into a phone. Awesome! One device, and it can be my organizer *and* a phone! Sweet! Awesome! Yeah, not so much. See, sometimes I drive a car. I have my mobile device of choice nearby so that if it rings, I can answer it easily. This was never very easy without buttons. And if I needed to dial a number? Forget it! You are very conditioned from years of using a phone to dial it without even looking at the keys. You know where the 9 is, where the 4 is, whatever. You can do it all by feel – but not when you don’t have keys.

I love my Blackberry Pearl. It is so great and easy to use. I can dial, I can text, I can easily respond to full emails even. No problems at all with it. I love the shiny sparkle of the iPhone, it is all glittery and pretty – but I’m resisting it. I really don’t want one. I would be happy to play with yours though, if you’re willing to share!

By Christine

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Maybe…just maybe you should hold out til you can actually get your hands on one. I remember when similar arguments were being made about digital photography! When something comes along that changes the way we interface with technology, sure there will be bumps–but this thing looks pretty cool! I have a Pearl and won’t be racing to get the first i-phones on off the shelf, but have to say that I do want one!

The iPhone isn’t like any other touch screen out there that relies on infrared sensors. The iPhone relies on the electrical pulses from your finger tips and that makes it extremely powerful and smart
I’d love to get one but it’s so damn expensive!

well, i want one! however, i won’t get one until 2nd or even 3rd generation. i just can’t imagine spending $500-600 on a phone. i don’t even use my iPod as it is. i hate my current phone. i always sound like i sound like i’m talking in a tunnel unless i have my ear piece or bluetooth thing or i put it on speakerphone. i’ve never played with anything without buttons before, so i’m sure i’ll play with it a lot before i actually buy one. you just have to train yourself to navigate through the menus, too. but the only thing that is stopping me is that my cell phone plan doesn’t expire until next April so i still have time.

I’ve been an Apple fanatic for ages but I too will not be getting an iPhone 1) because I’m not on AT&T and swore would NEVER be an AT&T customer again 2) I’m not switching from T-Mobile because my entire family is finally on the SAME network 3) its so damn expensive 4) data plan prices are also expensive. That being said, I am taking the day off to stand in line with a friend so she can get one. I will document the experience and get to play with her phone, but that’s about it.

I agree with you. I said the same thing. I’m sure the interface is great, but I tend to dial without looking. I need to FEEL buttons. I had a touchscreen phone for a long time, and that was the biggest reason why I ditched it for a regular phone. I think Apple is a really cool company, and I hope they sell lots of phones an make lots of money. I’m just not interested in it for me. 🙂

@imelda – *giggle* Edited it for you!

I’m already on Cingular, and have been a very happy customer of theirs for many years. AT&T better not mess that up. LOL!

@jennifer – I just have to have the buttons! Plus those prices? Craaaaaazy!

You know, I chose to NOT buy one. Not now anyway. Gene got one the day after the iPhone was released, but I can wait. And, you’re right. The keypad thingy is not easy to work. Also, I’m Sprint and not ready to switch to AT&T, so that was the main reason for me not buying one – yet. 🙂

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