I Have to Admit It…

I was looking at photos over at Flickr this morning, as I am often known to do, and I came across a maternity “belly shot” photo. I know that being pregnant is a very beautiful thing, but I just have to say it…

Pregnant belly photos really creep me out.

By Christine

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5 replies on “I Have to Admit It…”

certain pregnant belly shots creep me out, too… if the belly is smooth and shows no signs of that happy trail or stretch marks, then i like those… but if you see stretch marks and stuff like that, then ewww… but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

I’ll agree with you partly – some of them are posed like quasi-porn – and you (I) get an icky feeling just looking at them.

However, I’ve taken some ‘belly shots’ for some friends of mine, and they TOTALLY loved how they came out. (so much so that their friends are wanting me to take some for them)

Did you ever see the plaster casts of pregnant bellies? Some ladies do the belly and the boobies. Then they hang it on their wall. That’s just scary, if you ask me!

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