I Simply Speak a Different Version of English…

Fascinating discovery tonight while watching Torchwood. I commented to Mike that I can understand the characters so much easier than I can understand people on Doctor Who or Sherlock. I have a hard time understanding the English accent.

Scottish? Welsh? I’m all good. It is just the English who are a problem.

Seems I don’t speak English English very well. Who knew?

By Christine

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2 replies on “I Simply Speak a Different Version of English…”

I have trouble understanding all of the dramas done in Britain – English, Scottish, Welsh. No trouble, though, with BBC news or interviews. no idea why.

It took me a solid 3 months before I could clearly understand American English.
I can clearly remember on my first day in the States I turned the television on and General Hospital was on and I couldn’t understand a single word! I somehow knew the show was rubbish, though. I also remember going to a Carl’s Jr during my first week here and going back and forth with the lady at the counter for a while, just to get a Coke!
Somehow other Brits manage to come here on holiday and don’t have that problem. Oh well.

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